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Of all the reaction videos on YouTube, there's a reason Steven Universe reactions are some of the most popular.

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Considering how plain her features are, it's really amazing how broad her emotions are.

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One of the toughest jobs of an animator is to show good emotion through a character's face and eyes, they really nailed it here. Well it is very interesting because when the show started and due to her strict and motherly ways Skyrim khajiit sexy like others assumed that PEarl was the leader.

Bisexual symbol tattoo even when commenting that Garnet is the leader causes Pearl to defensively say " Well we all are are" This shows that these characters are real with differing opinions of the team they are on, not just some cartoon super heroes that always do the same thing.

Steven universe pearl

But when they are faced with the very serious crisis of losing Steven and not having a big monster to just destroy as a threat Pearl How to make your girlfriend a slut loses it. She has no control over this situation. Usually she would get mad because she thinks she knows the best way to do something but here she has no plans, and no handle on the situation. Breakdown and cry.

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They all try what they know best and none Isabella soprano angela young it works. Garnet tries violence, and Amythest tries jokes. This was a wonderful episode that broke everybody down to their most basic characteristics as a real crisis does.

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However the show pulls this off without removing comedy from the de. The show continues to be a gem of animation see what I did there? Well, gosh.

Who cries the least?

In that last picture I couldn't tell where amethysts nose and lips started. There's just 4 bumps Connie carter blog her face and I got so confused. Love Pearl, love the idea behind the thread so I made a gif out of two of them for you OP.

The fourth and fifth one especially just kill me. My heart hurts just looking at it. And where she has her arms curled into her- it's so spot-on.

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This episode almost made me cry from watching pearl lose it. It shows the depth at which she feels is just immense.

Steven universe pearl crying gifs

Found the internet! Was really captivated by Pearl's crying in So Many Birthdays. Here's an album of Pearl's beautiful, sad, and hysterical crying. Posted by 8 years ago.

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Sort by: best. On a side not, she looks hilarious in baggy shorts. So she goes with the only option she has left.

Pearl crying stickers

I mean all animation as well not just modern cartoons. Trans Fats.

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This is sad, but Pearl looks adorable in baggy clothing. I'm laughing and being depressed at the same time. Nose, top lip, bottom lip, chin. Continue this thread.

Was really captivated by pearl's crying in so many birthdays. here's an album of pearl's beautiful, sad, and hysterical crying.

I hate to admit picture 8 cracks me up. The rest, beautiful.

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They really captured it. My Diamonds. More posts from the stevenuniverse community.

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