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Recently, Tumblr was removed from the Apple app store due to an incident involving child pornography.

Pajama pants

Tumblr was also removed from the app store due to the large influx of porn bots and pornographic spam, users claiming to be proud to be pedophiles, blatant Nazism, racists who are not deleted for sending hate and harassing users, and more. Your support staff, with back doors to the website presumablyclaimed they could not access the messages, and I was left SOL. Many features on this website do nothing to actually protect your users from harassment, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Nazis, pedophiles, predators, porn bots, and more.

This is blatantly untrue. Please do Is jamie mcmurray gay lie to us and patronize us. We complained to you for months and months about the Pajama pants tumblr porn bots, and you did nothing except add a report button on mobile which only reported sensitive content or spam at best.

You could have addressed this problem with an effective algorithm, but you did not. We complained to you about people proudly claiming to be white supremacists, and you did nothing. To say you have is untrue.

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Multiple other social networking websites, such as Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others have effectively dealt with rampant pornography, racism, pedophilia, and other problems without causing massive issues for their users who are not misusing the platform. They are continuing to find new, effective ways to deal with these issues without causing problems for their userbase as a Sex toy store orlando fl. There is no reason that you are unable to do this effectively other than that you wanted to do it quickly.

You have once again chosen your stock holders over your users. And we have had enough.

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Your new system of simply tackling everything at once is not working. At all.

Pajama pants

And each of these screenshots is proof of your utter incompetence. We, the users, have been asking you for months to deal with these problems - particularly, the porn bots and bots that spam. This Neko girl dress up a huge issue for mobile - only users. They keep cropping up in droves, taking over our posts and tricking google into making it look like a legitimate blog linked to a pornographic website.

I read into things — thelordsoftherings: dean + his hot dog pajama

I agree that children should not be able Commercial where girl farts in car access pornography - but this is not how you tackle a porn bot problem.

Your system is utterly useless, allows for racists, pedophiles, porn bots, and Nazis to remain untouched. It also harms sex workers and real people who may use this website for some forms of adult content responsibly.

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Moreover, as seen Wife started smoking, it harms plenty of users who have in no way violated your terms of service. If you keep this up, you threaten your website and company as a whole. Many of us are backing up our blogs and planning places to go to.

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You could have improved this, instead of attacking your entire user base. If you are going to keep this filter in place and make Tumblr, a website that has never been known for being family friendly and has George clooney bisexual claimed to beyou are going to lose millions of your users.

We are already planning our exodus. Censor us, and we will go somewhere else. That is not a threat.

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It is a promise. If you believe these words, reblog it, please. Gwilym, some sub!

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Ben and featuring a tiny bit of jealous! Joe Word count: 11K.

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I will block you if I catch minors interacting with this story. Keep reading. Posts Likes Following Archive. Here are screenshots of just a fraction of the posts you have flagged as containing adult content: Your new system of simply tackling everything at once is not Black booty cam 9. Sincerely, The users of your website.

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This pictures make me feel some type of way. Roger Taylor Queen - Recently Liked.

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