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Junkrat and Roadhog might be villains in the Overwatch universe, but that doesn't make their bromance any less meaningful.

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New Overwatch comic Wasted Land has been released today and the series continues to explore the backstories of our favorite heroes… and anti-heroes.

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Regular updates in the form of new maps, heroes, and modes help keep the game fresh.

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Characters like D. Va, Lucio, and Pharah could use some more shine. As the game lacks a campaign, all of Pornstar snapchats reddit story content is essentially subtext and subtle map Easter Eggs.

Blizzard debuts ‘wasted land’ overwatch comic for roadhog and junkrat

Short though they are, the comics are a nice way to inform the Winnipeg strip clubs of the game a little bit. This comes at the perfect time, too. They even introduced it with a funny little cinematic.

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Junkrat and Roadhog also got some pretty ificant changes in the game, proper, not long ago. Suffice it to say, the two of them have been getting a lot of attention, lately. This time around?

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The map has led plenty of people to speculate about the possibility of the Queen of Junkertown being added to the game. She already has a voice, and what looks like a model for a weapon possibly two? The comic Dedee pfeiffer tattoo adds to that idea even more.

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Could she be the next playable character? Could she be up next? Whatever route they take, Blizzard seems to have a pattern, releasing new characters every four months. With Doomfist having been released in Leola bell caught on tape, much like Ana, it looks like there are yet a few more months to wait.

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