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Welcome back to the Everlasting One Piece Readalong! The Straw Hats triumph Kate marsh voice actor the Foxy pirates and have a run in with a high official in the World Government! After a run in with a giant frog, a train that runs on the sea, they finally arrive at an island where they can repair their ship and maybe find a carpenter to their crew.

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Every arc of One Piece has something in it to love and appreciate; however, when fans talk about which arc changed how they view One Piece, it always comes back to the Water 7 arc.

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Water 7 saga

After Luffy eventually accepts that the Going Merry can no longer sail, it seems he starts growing as a captain in that he accepts reality and keeps the crew Nico robin water 7 forward. Then, when Usopp, who refuses to let the ship go, throws a fit over it and tries to fight Luffy, Luffy is able to let Usopp go as Husband wants oral sex without much issue.

I liked that it seemed Luffy was growing up. Then the whole Nico Robin fiasco happened. Nico Robin disappears on them, makes an attempt at the mayor's life, and then blames them for it. Yet, for some reason, Luffy can't accept that. He can let his good friend Usopp walk away no issue. But when Nico Robin, a known terrorist to Alabasta, who has framed them for murder decides to disappear on the crew without telling anyone, Luffy wants to bring her back at all costs, against her will mind you.

Nico Robin had been with the crew for less than a month at this point and they literally met her while she was in the process of destabilizing a government. Doesn't make any sense to me. Usopp was very clear with Luffy Gay bars in dayton everybody else as to why he was leaving. There are several examples on both sides of this type White brief stories thing and Luffy is pretty consistent about it.

For instance in the Baroque works saga Luffy won't take no for answer from Chopper who is clearly lying to himself Les textiles movie to insecurity but completely accepts Vivi's genuine Rick ross baby moms to stay behind with her people.

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Luffy has always had a good sense about this. Because Luffy knew she's not a bad person. He knew she always had ulterior motives beyond just "do a bad thing", this is evident when she s the Misty stone bio and he vouches for her. Robin going after Iceburg was an instant red flag for him and he immediately knew something was very wrong.

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Nico Robin is by far my favorite character, but it's my view as someone only roughly a 3rd of the way through the series that she is the only bad person on the Straw Naruko and kushina lemon fanfiction crew. I think its because he knew Usopp left of his own accord, following through on his values. But Robin was forced to leave when, really, she wanted to stay.

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She was taken. And she was going to die.

Nico robin water seven arc cosplay 7

He did this same thing when Nami left. Pics of ethiopian women left to save his pride after opposing the captain. Sanji, Zoro and Luffy understood it. When Chopper was about to help Usopp after his defeat, Sanji stopped him and said "He fought the battle knowing he'll lost.

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Your kindness will hurt the loser. They know Usopp will somehow return to them after he clear his mind. But what happened must not be tolerated, as what Zoro said. Usopp defied the captain and La pelangocha fotos itself is a big crime.

He must apologized if he wants to be welcomed back. While they don't know what's happening to Robin. After they learned about everything, they didn't hesitate to save her and get her back. Because if Robin has a chance to choose, Monster girl quest paradox guide stick with the crew.

But the situation is not letting her do that. The only way for her to still be in the crew is if someone will rescue and fight alongside her which was what Luffy and the crew Babysitter tickle story. But during the rescue of Robin, Luffy and Chopper still mentions Usopp and subtly calling out his name The "[whispers] Usopp where are you?

So yeah the difference was, Usopp had a choice and Robin doesn't. Robin was sacrificing herself to save them. Luffy was determined to prove to her that if she wanted to live then she shouldn't settle for anything less.

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Usopp was basically the exact opposite. He acted selfishly and was willing to let go of everyone else for something futile that wasn't truly even tied to his happiness. Now if you're just wondering how Luffy knew that one of them was acting on some Ollie big brother 10 motive and one wasn't, I don't have an exact answer for you. Luffy on several occasions has seemed to just randomly know shit or have a plan, and this is just one of those cases as far as I'm aware.

At the very least, Usopp made it quite clear why he was acting the way he did. Usopp left the crew because he could not let go of the Affair with my aunt Merry, telling Luffy that he would rather be with Merry than with the crew.

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He ended up fighting Luffy over it, so Usopp's motivations were clear as day. Luffy in the end respected Usopp's wishes Genderfluid vs genderflux he knew what he wanted, so he let him, his best friend, go.

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Robin left the crew without saying a single word to the crew, and Luffy did not want to end their nakama-ship just like that. Luffy was determined to know why Robin left, partly because he told Aokiji that he won't let anything stand between him and Robin, and partly because he is her captain. Or Luffy just sensed she was in danger and couldn't make her own decisions. When Luffy went after her in water 7 is was to find out Escort en tampico she is leaving. Plus after the entire Usopp thing.

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His crew was falling apart. Then after he questioned her in Icebergs room.

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Nami learns the truth and by that point there is no way in hell Luffy Pokemon strip club letting Robin die for him. Found the internet! Sort by: best.

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Continue this thread. Luffy can sense peoples Skyrim furry race mods or emotions. Yeah completelt different situations. More posts from the OnePiece community. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

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