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However, the year-old celebrity has found other ways to interact with her supporters over the past few years. DeMita also regularly vlogs on the YouTube channel about different topics including basketball moves, exercise, and her life in general. Now DeMita is moving on to new ventures including a media deal she Myriam diablo 3 with sports-media startup Overtime.

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Rachel DeMita's phone Cassie de pavia stops buzzing, because that's what happens when you're in an in-demand star who rose to fame on the internet. The fact is, when you're Rachel DeMita, there's a lot to do, and you're never really off the clock.

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If some Roy Hibbert looking ass dude hosted it, I wouldn't even think about it. She's the whole reason. You know KD used to date her? Lucky boy She played college basketball.

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I like her. She has a positive and upbeat vibe to her. I don't necessarily think she is a total babe or anything.

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I like how it intertwines the community together and how they utilize social media personalities on there to show basic tips and whatnot. I wish MLB and Madden did something similar Found the internet! Half of the reason I watch the 2k TV Cancun ole nightclub is for that girl.

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And that's the whole reason she got the job. Hell, imagine if Ronnie did it. Continue this thread.

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Her character in the MyCareer Connections looks weird lol. Rachel needs to be my wife.

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I would so disappoint her. The other half is the vc. She used to be the only reason, tbh. Wait really?

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I actually genuinely like 2kTV. Her snapchat is rademita, she's pretty active.

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Same fam. She actually used to play college basketball. She's the reason I don't watch them.

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What are you, gay? More posts from the NBA2k community. We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series.

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