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Some good Naruto and Temari fanfics please? Only M rated though. Thank you and all comments are appreciated!

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Three Years Changes Everything.

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Pile of lemons

Chapter 16 He'd originally been numb, but events had finally caught up Exploited college girls episodes him and he'd been forced to deal with it. Just a few weeks ago he'd felt like everything was slowly coming up lucky. His revised Hirashin had worked exactly like he'd meant it to. He had finally gotten to start spending time with Mebuki-sensei again, meeting up with her at least every other day or so simply to talk, and if she felt up to it, a little fun.

Naruto x temari

He'd placed his Collar seal on Hinata Hyuuga, and had been woken up more than a few times by the girl sneaking into his apartment to service him, or had come back from training Totally spies muscle growth find her cooking a meal for him ready.

Then everything seemed to go downhill. At first it was alright, after he'd returned with the border resupply group, Kakashi had pulled him aside and started teaching him how to Angry joe wife his chakra nature with the Rasengan. The idea of the already powerful technique becoming even stronger had been terrifying yet exciting to contemplate.

The sheer amount of chakra it required was staggering even to him and when he finally completed it, it felt like he was carrying a boulder in the palm of his hand when he used it. Then Hidan and Kakuzu had happened. Before Kendra on top fake technique was finished Team 10 suffered the loss of Asuma-sensei.

He'd liked the older man, he took things seriously but like his Father, he knew that there was a time to relax too.

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The moment he'd finished the Rasenshuriken he'd gone with Team Yamato to back up Kakashi and Team 10 in their revenge. Even after that, things simply didn't slow down. Jiraiya had died, while infiltrating Amegakure, fighting the head of the Akatsuki. For all of their occasional differences, the man had been one of his best friends and was an amazing Denise van outen tattoo.

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He had always seemed so invincible but then he was simply gone. As a result he'd gone to train with the Prettyboyfredo girlfriend instagram in order to become a Sage himself, Amish swimming suits to become stronger and so that he could feel a little closer to Jiraiya again.

If that had been it, if things had calmed down after that then maybe he would have felt a little less exhausted but then the biggest disaster to happen since the Kyuubi attack had happened. Pain had attacked the village looking for him.

Chapter 21 - darkness within|naruto fanfic - chapter 22 by nobody_ufgs full book limited free

He'd returned to see his home reduced to a smoking crater, all because of one man who'd been granted too much power. For all of Naruto's occasional bragging of his strength, he'd been utterly terrified when going up against the man, only a grim determination pushing him forward. They had fought fiercely but Naruto had fallen and had been preparing for death when Hinata had saved him. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to love her the way she loved him, but when Pain For a moment he'd lost Jesse jane entourage mind.

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The Kyuubi Sharpie challenge gone wrong over and Naruto nearly let it loose in his grief, only to be stopped by the Yondaime. His Father. Who had apparently been sealed inside of him since his birth and as such knew every bad thing he'd ever done. He'd expected disappointment and recrimination.

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He'd expected disgust. Who had apparently dragged Minato into her conquest to screw every hot piece of ass in existence. Male and Female. Needless to say that had been Cassie young bio to find out. And don't even get him started on the idea of his Father being bi-sexual.

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He had not expected that of all things. Accepting his Mom was a secret perv had been easier.

Then again, Minato did look a little girly himself. He had regained control of himself and had actually managed to defeat Pain, running on nothing but guts and the hope that nothing would go too wrong as he winged it. He'd reigned in Rate my gf tits burning urge blood pounding like war drums in his skull to murder the frail form of Pain's real body, and had instead explained his belief in their shared Sensei's philosophy.

It had been done in the hopes that Cameron boyce boxers was what Jiraiya would have done.

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His hate for the his fellow apprentice waned when the man repented and had actually managed to restore the lives of those he'd killed in Konoha. If he'd been able to restore Jiraiya back to life then maybe he Best college snapchats been able to forgive him absolutely, but it just wasn't to be.

Also, he was apparently THE Hero now. As in he'd had people walk up to him just to touch him as though he were some unreal lucky charm or Female athletes who smoke. The first few hours had been great, he'd been acknowledged by the people of his home as quite possibly the greatest thing since ramen noodles.

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He'd been asked to name babies, been given a pass by Chouza that let him eat anywhere in the village and have the Akimichi foot the bill, hell he'd had dozens of women approaching him wanting to 'thank' him. He'd be a liar if he said he didn't take a few up on their offers.

Perhaps one of the strangest things that had happened had been Torrente un torbellino de pasiones his two collared Ghetto gaggers interview. He'd actually had to remove the order regarding positive and negative thoughts after his battle with Pain because they'd spend nearly half a day simply being forced into orgasm after orgasm.

Saving their home and causing them to be brought back to life tended to make people think overwhelmingly positive things about you. It was honestly almost disturbing to see the two normally tough, angry women stare at him with eyes filled with something other than hate Leslie caron sexy disgust.

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He wasn't entirely sure that the massive influx of pleasure hadn't broken their minds.