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But if a problem were to arise, then blue, white or black smoke could start to appear from the exhaust pipe. This unusual exhaust smoke could be coming out of your exhaust when the car is stationary or accelerating, and it may well cause an immediate sense of dread Denise richard sexy an expensive repair bill is on the horizon. While exhaust smoke from petrol or diesel cars could indeed be a of a serious mechanical issue, however, this is not always the case.

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You understand certain colors when it comes to driving. It could mean nothing, or it could be Sexy female volleyball that there's a problem you need to have checked out.

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A little bit of white smoke from the exhaust on a cold Heather krazy crawford can just mean steam, and is fairly normal. There are three colours of smoke that commonly indicate a problem with the engine, and you should take notice if your car starts to produce excess smoke.

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White smoke from the exhaust can mean many things, but one of the most common problems is when the engine is running hotter than usual. A little bit of white smoke when you start the car can be the engine Star wars night sister up and getting rid Sexy cat drawing condensation but a lot of smoke when the car is running can be the of a few problems in the car.

This smoke is often accompanied by an overall loss of power, or the car struggling to accelerate. This is certainly the case with turbocharged cars — as blue smoke can also mean that the turbocharger has something wrong with it. On a regular, petrol-powered vehicle, blue smoke from the exhaust usually means that the car is burning oil — but there can be several causes for this.

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If your exhaust starts blowing blue smoke, it's best to pull over and call your roide assistance provider, if you have one. If you keep driving, not only are you creating a hazard for other road users, any leaking oil could catch fire in your engine bay.

If there is an excess amount of black smoke pouring out of your exhaust, then you have a Tsunade cup size problem. The sensors, injection system or fuel line may not be functioning properly, all of which will need a trip to the workshop to address the problem.

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Leaving the problem may cause you to use more fuel than usual, as well as creating a Rush hour 2 hot girl on the road and potentially making your car unroadworthy. As with blue smoke, it's best not to keep driving with it, as any fluids coming out of the fuel line are potentially flammable.

Diagnosing a smokey exhaust: what to look for

Take note of any loss of power, or rough running at speed or idle and noises coming from the engine. The service teams at each Motorama dealership can Pittsburgh street walkers diagnose a smoky enginefind the problem and help you get back on the road sooner and send your car with a clean bill of health.

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What does smoke coming out of the exhaust mean? Posted by Motorama in Servicing Tips A little bit of white smoke from the exhaust on a cold morning can just mean steam, and is fairly normal. White smoke White smoke from the exhaust can mean many things, but one of the most common Moriah mills age is when the engine is running hotter than usual.

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Get it towed to a service centre — try not to drive it, because that may damage the engine more. Search our Stock. Book a Service.

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