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I seek somebody Mo creatures biomes o plenty wants striping

This covers the latest versions of Mo' Creatures.

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This thread was marked as Locked by master Hi guys, So i have mo creatures and Dr katz parody o plenty running on minecraft. I love both mods but there is a problem. Soncce Mo creatures was made for vanilla biomes, the extra creatures only spawn in vanilla biomes.

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Already on GitHub? I noticed that animals and Naruto choji wife were not spawning in non-vanilla biomes after a day or two of playing, and I set out to figure out why.

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After removing all mods and re-inserting them one by one, I found the problem. It appears to be Buildcraft.

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I did a fresh install on a new server of Biomes O' Plenty 0. In all biomes, creatures and animals spawned naturally and without error.

I then added in Buildcraft 1. No mobs spawned in non-vanilla biomes. Samantha brown nipples unsure as to why Buildcraft would be causing this issue, but from my current debugging methods, it appears to be the reason. If anyone could enlighten me as to why, I'd be very grateful.

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The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I also have this same issue.

I did find a work-around though. I installed the "Mob Spawn Controls" mod which spawns mobs correctly.

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Sorry, something went wrong. I don't see how that could affect mob spawns in all biomes.

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SirSengir, do the test yourself and try the mods together, then add Buildcraft. You'll see first-hand that it is, indeed, buildcraft that causes this issue.

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I suggest doing the other way around Sinistering add BC first and then BoP etc btw Mo Creatures is known for corrupting creature spawn. Sinistering Irrelevant.

BC has no way to influence creature spawn either in the positive or negative sense. I sent it to the BoP guys for a look.

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I can confirm this issue, however I can add to it. Not even using BOP. Just Mo's, CustomMobSpawner and buildcraft. All the passive mobs are actually being spawned in a NW-SE line going through chunk 0,0.

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Remove buildcraft and any Pregnant body builders chunks generated will have normal mob spawns. Add buildcraft back and NEW chunks along that line have massive passive mob spawns.

Install biome's of the creatures

I too can confirm this issue. Been playing with it for a while, and nothing you change in the configs fixes it. Wendi mclendon tits idea how this could possibly be an issue with Buildcraft, but it definitely is a conflict between those two mods. Custom Mob Spawner and Buildcraft.

New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link.

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Beats me. Can't see how this can be a BC issue.

Mo creatures with biomes o plenty?

SirSengir closed this Jun 14, Already have an ? Linked pull requests. You ed in with another tab or Belly punch fiction. Reload to refresh your session. You ed out in another tab or window.