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Some features of this site may not work without it. Midget rodeo. Author Ramos, Armando.

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With white knuckles, a weathered cowboy clings to an angry bucking bull as the dirt and sawdust flies.

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This little guy, assless jeans and all, "performed" a Ricky Martin song and dance for us.

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I'm not sure what the hell this thing was, but it was definitely some type of midget. Not quite a Cumming on unsuspecting women, mini-bulllrider, or even mini-Ricky Martin, but perhaps a mini-"challenged". It was hard to get focused and avoid motion blur from the top of the stadium, but this is a picture of some of the Killer soundbooth!

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Too bad I understood next to nothing that came out of the announcer's mouth. I wrote a story about a group of Mexican rodeo midgets that lived next door to me in in Riverside. Leslie saw them at least once.

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This was her illustration for that story. My interesting interview with Gay clubs tallahassee was the last bit of motivation needed to solidify my attendance to the rodeo.

Midget rodeo clown & his dog

Explore Trending Events More More. Tags mexican midget rodeo. View all All Photos Tagged mexican midget rodeo. Mexican Midget Rodeo by village idiot!!

Rodeo clown

Mexican Family by Fielding Johnston. A family that I saw anxiously awaiting the Mexican Midget Rodeo. that almost caused a wreck Fallout 4 hack robots to the shock. Midget Clown? Mini-Bullfighters by Fielding Johnston. Such courage and flamboyance!

Rodeo clown pictures, images and stock photos

School Girls and Boys? I don't really know what the hell this was. Mini-Bullriders by Fielding Johnston. The riders getting ready to chase the ponies around! Mini-Hoochies Paul stanley naked Fielding Johnston. Mini-Parade by Fielding Johnston. Weeeee, no pun intended, a parade!

Rodeo clown has barrel full of fun 4-foot-6 charlie west stands tall in his profession

Ticket Sales by Fielding Johnston. Soundbooth by Fielding Johnston. Elly riding in the car by Fielding Johnston.

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Elly has to ride in the back when Alicia is around! Owned by Fielding Johnston.

Audience by Fielding Johnston. Hmm, possible ethnic majority here??? Mexican Rodeo Midgets by leslie.

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The Preacher by Fielding Johnston. Mexican Rodeo Midgets by Leslie'sArt.