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I searching woman who loves Markiplier look alike

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Influencers and internet celebrities are frequent targets of critics who follow their every move Animal blow jobs publications looking for the next juicy scandal, but not every online star is disliked.

What is my age: 20
Nationality: I'm hungarian
My sexual identity: Man
What is my favourite drink: I like liqueur
Hobbies: Roller-skating
Body piercings: I like my belly button piercing

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Normally, I like to stay out of drama, but I feel like I really needed to address this situation. Because he looks astonishingly a lot like the YouTuber: markiplier.

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Mike has an Instagrama twitterand even a YouTube channel. The picture in question is this rather silly photo of Amy. That tweet from Mike was, according to him, sarcastic and comedic, NOT flirty in any way. Many people from our community have accused Mike of trying to Skyrim hottest npc on Amy, while even impersonating Mark to trick fans or just gain fame. Mike has also deleted his tweet.

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After doing some research on this guy, I honestly felt really bad for him. Mike is just a guy who happens to look like a famous YouTuber. He just thought it would be interesting to see how much they actually look alike.

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Just recently, Amy and Mike have apologized to each other and have resolved the situation. Mike explained himself and repeatedly tweeted about how sorry he was.

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He just worded his tweet in a very poor way. So please, stop harassing this poor guy.

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I feel really embarrassed that he had to see this part of the Markiplier fandom before much of anything else. Plus, him and Amy have worked everything out.

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Home Talk to me! I don't bite, I promise ;P Archive. Markiplier Lookalike - Mikeivision. This community is better than that. Notes sketchy-scribs-n-doods liked this.

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