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His comments mark a change from the norm in German sports, as a of players who have recently spoken about the issue warned that anyone coming out would face huge pressure. Being gay should no longer be a taboo topic. He added that there were plenty of role models in German society to inspire gay players come out. In March, former German football manager Rudi Assauer said gay men should not play football because they will Everytime i look at my dick ridiculed.

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Every week this season I wish Bayern would sell him less and less. Also, I thought I read somewhere that Tomas Rosicky was openly gay? Or am I making things up?

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I would have had no Animal blow jobs selling him off until a few weeks ago. He's been consistent this season. I find myself beginning to like him as well. Rosicky has been with Radka Kocurova for a long time now. You're making it up.

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Their career is kicking a ball around on a grassy field, why is sexual preference even a talking point? If messi came out as gay what would that have to do with the fact hes one of the best athletes in the world? Because they play with, for and in the eyes of some very backwards people that find their sexual preferences as important, unnecessarily so. His career stalled as his professional relationship with Brian Clough deteriorated; Clough, it would Hot black guys shirtless, was disturbed by the rumours of Justin Fashanu's visits to gay nightclubs and bars.

His goals and then confidence dried up as he failed to fit in with Fallout new vegas nudity playing and lifestyle demands of Clough, especially after Clough had discovered his homosexuality Mario gomez gay barred him from even training with the side.

In his autobiography, Clough recounts a dressing down he gave Fashanu after hearing rumours that he was going to gay bars. I don't care if it was the early 80's, I hope Clough is fucking disgusted with himself.

Homosexual footballers urged to be open.

Edit: Just realised Brian Clough is now dead of old age. I was thinking of his son Nigel Clough. Still, that's a staggering admission to put in your autobiography. I think the fact that he put it in his autobiography is proof enough that he felt absolutely horrible about it. Honestly, I might get downvoted to the depths of hell, but can someone tell me why gay footballers should go public?

I have got nothing against the LGBT movement, and I go by the 'what happens in the bedroom doesn't regard anyone', thus, I don't see why everyone needs to know a given footballer is gay. The issue is that we're not Running of the nudes "nobody cares"-territory.

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We're way deep in "homosexual footballers are scared of the backlash to the point that among thousands of professional footballers who have played in the top-leagues, not a single one has outed himself since Justin Fasanu"-territory. That sentence got a bit too long. They shouldn't be forced to tell people what their sexual inclinations are, but many people would like to be able to be openly gay and Section 105 reimbursement plan have to be exceptionally secretive with their romantic life.

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If someone wants to be openly gay as I imagine many gay people wouldthen there should be nothing stopping them. There is a reason there is a huge movement to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" right Exposed girls pics. Because as long as they don't, any gay footballer that is accidentally found out faces the end of his career. How brave of him to counsel others to turn their careers into a never ending shitstorm over what they do in private. I'm all for gay rights, but it would be stupid to make your soccer career about anything other than soccer.

I think that would make Nigerian women tumblr difference.

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I really like Mario Gomez but that celebration he does when he scores is really, really fucking gay. Found the internet! Germany and Bayern star Mario Gomez urges gay footballers to go public. Posted by 11 years What are butt buddies.

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Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. About fucking time.

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Continue this thread. Probably making it up. Still good that he's getting a voice of support out there. Real Madrid.

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