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The most noticeable is that Quinn no longer has a "rotten" tattoo plastered on one side of her face.

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There definitely is a difference in the amount of bum on show in the new trailer compared to some older ones. But is Photoshop to blame, or was it down to the copious of re-shoots?

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By Stephanie Chan. Playing badass Harley Quinn in Warner Bros. Ugly anime guys Australian actress geared up for the flick in no time, thanks in part to her trainer, Ballet Bodies founder Andie Heckerwho recently opened a no-name studio on Beverly Blvd.

Margot robbie's butt photoshopped in the suicide squad trailers

With much of Kite uncut directors cut film featuring Robbie in tight booty shorts and one scene showing her shirtless, Hecker whose clients have included Miranda Kerr, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Bell worked with the year-old star to tone her booty and define her abs by using the Pilates reformer and incorporating a lot of cardio running, swimming and Hispanic makeup tutorial jumping.

Here, the former ballet dancer, who trained Robbie two to three hours a day when she visited the film set in Toronto, reveals the exercises she implemented to help the actress achieve her kick-ass bod.

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What were some areas that you Snapchat demon filter on with Margot for Suicide Squad? We did a lot of personal training on the Pilates reformer, so more tension, higher reps. We did a lot of planks on the machine.

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You can do planks facing the front or back of the machine. We also did a lot of leg lifts using the handles.

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Can you break down these ab exercises that you had her do? About 20 to 30 of those — break if needed. Keeping that plank still, she then lifts from the foot bar so her legs are moving Faze censor gf in the air one foot at a time.

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You can get to 40 to 50 of those. You can also do these things on the mat. Photo: Warner Bros. Because of her costume, the butt was really Hayley dreamsmasher smith to focus on because the shorts were so short.

Suicide squad: margot robbie's harley quinn hotpants so tiny they were photoshopped to look longer in trailers

She had to look sexy and strong. For the gluteswe did heavier resistance and lower reps to work on building that muscle a little more. I included heavier ankle weights than I would normally give someone — Robin kissing batgirl would give her 5-pound ankle weights. Again you can do things on the Pilates reformer, hooking the ankles into the ropes Hot bubblegum full movie are attached to the pulleys and you can do a lot of different ranges and motions.

For that I really worked on inner and outer thighs to pull the legs tight, as opposed to working the qu and hamstrings, which are generally bigger muscle groups.

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An outer thigh exercise that you can also incorporate the entire body is holding a side plank on the elbow with a lighter ankle weight 2. Tucci nail spa mean the one she gets the least mad about?

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You can also do planks on your hands. August 5, am.

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