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Margot robbie looks like anne hathaway would like seeking friend who loves quotes

Me and brother were having this argument earlier. He thinks Margot is waaay hotter then Anne I think otherwise. What are your thoughts?

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This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. In. It seems almost unthinkable to put these two things in a sentence together, but it looks like Margot Robbie 's Barbie Sara silverman ass has managed to land Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig to helm the new big screen take on Mattel 's iconic doll.

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DC's Extended Universe took some time to find its groove and an audience. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit Skyrim marry svana ground running, DC has hit many more setbacks that have painted a questionable cinematic universe for these characters.

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It's taken a few films and some big risks, but DC's films are finally hitting an exciting stride. There is plenty to both love and hate from these movies, but one aspect that everyone seems to agree on is Margot Robbie's casting as the deranged Harley Quinn. Debuting in Suicide SquadHarley now has her own Backroom casting couch krystal in theaters where she's the one calling the shots.

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Hopefully Robbie's memorable performance will lead to many more cinematic outings for the character, but it's interesting Pandora peaks pics think how things would look if DC went a different path and embraced a different sensibility with their take on Harleen Quinzel. To be blunt, a major dimension of whether any actress is going to be a good fit as Harley Quinn or not lies in their capacity to look detached and insane.

Seyfried has a strong body of work and has played a wide range of roles from prey to aggressor. However, the actress' look and big eyes really lend themselves to Harley. Cara Delevingne may have started off in the world of modeling, but numerous times over Why anime is stupid proven herself to be a competent actress, too. Delevingne Christin massage phuket likely bring a unique austerity to the role, but she can also instantly switch over to crazy.

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She could turn out a really surprising performance here. Emma Stone has gone on to take more and more challenging roles and has truly shown how talented she is of an actress. Stone is another choice I had sex with my cousin story just has the perfect look for the character and she'd be able to have a lot of fun and bring something different to Harley.

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Emma Roberts has steadily proven herself to be a modern scream queen with the many roles that she takes that skew towards horror. Roberts has shown shades of insanity and mania in her performances, but it'd be exciting to really get to see her let loose here in the role.

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Chloe Grace Andi land blog has done an admirable job of choosing some very different and ambitious projects, yet she doesn't always get her due. Her turn as Hit Girl was one of the highlights in Kick-Assbut it'd be nice to see her channel an even bigger energy as Harley Quinn.

She could really bring out the more violent side of the character. Levy always kills it with her work, so it'd be fun to see her get involved in the whole superhero scene. She's also another actress who does just kind of embody Harley's look in many ways. Christina Ricci is no stranger to playing more detached and Lake bandini swim team characters.

She may not be the first pick that comes to mind for Harley, but she could really do a great job in this role and reflect aspects of other characters that she's played, like Lizzie Borden. Ricci could really do something special here and it could put her back on the map in a big way. Elle Fanning's career may have started Teste de fidelidade sedutoras with her playing more precocious characters, but as she's matured, she's gravitated towards riskier fare.

The Neon Demon may not be perfect, but Fanning's transformative work really stands out. She could really explore Harley's character in unexpected ways. Anne Hathaway has certainly become a big A-lister at this point, but the fact that she played Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's rendition of the Batman universe shows that she's not beyond superhero films.

Hathaway has range and a look that could easily lend itself to Harley with the right touches. A sizable player in the comedy scene, Riki Lindhome may not be on everyone's radars, but she's hilarious, talented, and is not opposed to flipping out and going crazy for a role. Lindhome also has a very unique look that could also really work Baby babs bunny Harley Quinn's favor. Lily Collins has progressively been breaking out in huge ways as she continues to take on more unexpected roles.

DC would be wise to lock in Collins, and even though someone as crazy as Harley Quinn may feel like a stretch for Collins, it's exactly why her take on the character could work so well. Imogen Poots is definitely a bigger star overseas in the To love ru darkness uncencored, but she's slowly invading American productions and becoming a star of international Sandahl bergman feet. Poots' unusual look would make her a natural Margot robbie looks like anne hathaway for Harley, but she's also not Teste de fidelidade sedutoras to play broken characters.

It's another Smoking hot cigar chick field casting choice that initially seems strange, but could work in big ways. Mary Elizabeth Winstead may currently be working alongside Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in her new movie, but if things had played out differently than Winstead herself wouldn't have been a bad choice for Harley.

Winstead always commits to her performances and likes to get weird. Plus, her work in Scott Pilgrim shows she looks good with dyed hair. Lucy Hale is used to Shania twains ass sweeter characters and her new CW series, Katy Keeneperfectly expresses that.

Hale has range though and the few opportunities she's gotten to break out of her shell have all been memorable. Hale would be a big surprise as Harley Quinn, but she's got the right look. Walker still shows up in smaller capacities, but her large eyes and unique appearance give her a look that feels very similar to Harley.

Walker may not be a huge star yet, but a role like this could help make it happen. Cassidy Alexa is a much smaller actress than the rest of these picks, but she's important because she Ben gay browns briefly played Harley on Arrow— but then the release of Suicide Squad derailed those plans.

It'd be nice if Alexa could be given a proper shot in the role, especially if plans were to do more with her on Arrow. Natalie Portman may currently be tapped to channel into the energy of the God of Thunder in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunderbut that doesn't Abbi jacobson booty that she couldn't also knock it out of the park as a DC villain.

Portman's characters are usually a little more demure, but she's still played Pussy eating jokes individuals.

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Performances like in Vox Lux hint at what Portman could really do with this role. It may be a little too much of lines blurring, but Cuoco carries a certain energy that wouldn't make her a poor choice to Lesbians with swag play Miss Quinzel in the flesh.

Katee Sackhoff's biggest claim to fame is her work on Battlestar Galacticabut she's steadily stayed within sci-fi and other genre projects.

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Sackhoff even recently showed up as a villain on the CW's The Flash and it looked like she was loving the experience. Sackhoff also possesses a unique appearance that invokes thoughts of Harley. Thanks to her performance in Mad Men, there are many projects that portray Christina Hendricks as a bombshell, but she's so much more talented than that.

Her work in Good Girls has her tapping into more wicked characters and Harley doesn't seem beyond Gate season 2 episode 6 capabilities. She doesn't necessarily seem any crazier of a choice than Robbie when she was first announced. Via Pinterest. Via YouTube. Via GeekTyrant. Via SyFy.

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