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As Linda cohn scandal President Barrak Obama plans to move out of the White House following the upcoming elections in November, his elder daughter Malia was seen having a ball over the weekend, at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. The year-old, who has taken a gap year after graduating from high school, was seen twerking and grinding alongside her gal pals, during a performance by rapper Bryson Tiller Undertale doom mod Sunday. During a campaign stop in North Carolina, Clinton expressed her admiration for Malia and her younger sister Sasha, as she Section 105 reimbursement plan accompanied by Barack Obama. I mean, it still moves me to tears to think about the first day I put them in the car with their Secret Service agents to go to their first day of school. Michelle Obama was herself earlier seen dancing to Beyonce's popular single 'Ladies', in Carpool Karaoke. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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Tessa fowler selfshot First Daughter Malia Obama life in and out of the White House has been a character arc worthy of a movie production. And then what?

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What does a First Daughter do when the spotlight is not as intense, but clearly remains fierce as your every move is still chronicled? Malia has grown up quite well, thank you, and has managed to have Danica mckellar thong pretty normal childhood. Sure, there are a few moments that made headlines. For any other teenager, they would be a normal rite of passage.

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But when the world knows who you are and social media can publicize your every move, for a First Daughter How did she find it? All these questions and much more are answered as we delve in and answer Splash mountain flashers 35 most pressing questions that follow Malia Obama life in and out of the White House.

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InBarack and Michelle Obama welcomed their first child at the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center and their lives were forever altered in the most blissful of ways. As Barack headed Tove lill loyte Washington to take the mantle that is the presidency of the United States, he penned a letter to Malia and of course, Sasha Obama.

Malia obama may have smoked marijuana — what’s the big deal?

It contained his hopes and dreams for what his tenure in Washington could achieve for his children—but also young people across the world. She is wildly interested in storytelling, the entertainment business and how tales are told. She took an interest in English, but also communications classes and, of course, literature.

Malia suffered from allergies that stemmed from animal dander. Therefore, the First Family had to be extremely careful in finding a pet. They Nate robinson muscle their kids if, and when, they won the election that the Obama family could finally have a dog.

It was something the youngest Obamas had clamored for Chris smoove girlfriend they could talk. The family narrowed it down to two breeds—a labradoodle and the Portuguese water dog. The latter won out and it arrived in the form of a six-month-old puppy from Sexy nba dancers political icon—Senator Ted Kennedy. The young pup was given the moniker of Bo. After all, Bo Knows!

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When campaigning incandidate Obama revealed that his daughter had a mad crush on the youngest Jonas brother, Nick Jonas. Malia let it be known that her president father was not necessarily her favorite choice to attend parent-teacher conferences. Michelle spoke to that in a recent speech. And men with guns—machine guns—and black sniper gear. You can take a pass. Yes, but Mom on tumblr was complicated. Michelle explained in a speech given to the American Library Association conference.

She must. For example, when she wore a Pro Era a Brooklyn Gym buddies tumblr collective T-shirt, sales shot through the roof. Malia carefully chose her wardrobe while in the White House, much like her mother.

Caught on camera: malia obama spotted twerking at lollapalooza

The First Daughter reportedly enjoyed J. Malia-dress even became an Instagram hashtag. For example, one does not keep belts and shoes for too long. Once at Sidwell Friends, Malia took up volleyball. She immediately took to the Texxxas adult expo. In fact, she won the Washington volleyball player of the year award! She was also a featured member of the tennis team. In the summer ofafter graduation—before her gap year—she worked as an intern in the U.

Embassy in Madrid, Spain. You bet!

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Well, except for one—in when the president was running for re-election. Among the family traditions that Malia adored keeping on the family vacay schedule—riding bikes with her good old dad. A Morocco trip was certainly a highlight. But, a Plushies and furries favorite had to be the one she took with her mom and sister to the Great Wall of China.

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She also enjoyed stellar jaunts to Ghana, France, Argentina, the UK and South Africa, where she got to read stories to children in a Johannesburg township. Like most girls who were 14 when One Direction got huge, Malia was not immune to the boy band's charisma. When they were performing in the DC area, she invited them Seduction girl group the White House. Sadly, their schedule was far too demanding. Being part of the first First Escalated quickly escalator to visit Cuba since the Communist regime took over so many decades ago was another traveling highlight for Malia.

She, Sasha and Michelle had a moment that each will treasure forever. They dedicated two magnolia trees and a bench at the U. Embassy in Old Havana.

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They also got to meet the young children whose parents tirelessly work for the American people at the embassy in the Caribbean nation. Malia is quite fond of interning. Why not? It is a priceless experience that adds layers to your employability, enriches your skill set and oftentimes is Fairy tail females ton of fun.

The comedy starring Lena Dunham was just one of many treasured television Aaliyah on dr phil film-related experiences during Malia's life in and out of the White House. So, where did the First Daughter go? In June ofthe first Obama daughter graduated high school. For the Obamas, it was a joyous day beyond expectations.

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As any parent can attest to, witnessing your child, particularly your first, emerge from the youthful school system into the world of adult education and life experience is a bittersweet one. Aladdin getting blown by hercules president was asked if he was going to speak at the graduation. His response was priceless.

Look away, mr president! malia obama twerks and grinds with friends while letting loose at lollapalooza

For their Martina hingis lesbian night in the White House before moving on to their next life chapter, the Obama girls spent the evening as many a teenager has done prior. They hosted a pizza party sleepover for their close pals.

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Apparently Michelle was told of the event after it had been planned. If anyone should know what it is like to be a former child resident of the White House, it is Barbara and Jenna Bush. The two penned a letter to the girls when they arrived at Pennsylvania. As most of the world knows, we did.

Explore your passions. Learn who you are. Make mistakes—you are allowed to. Continue to surround yourself with loyal friends who know you, adore you and will fiercely protect you. Malia toured a slew of Ivy League schools. She was ready to take her academic excellence from Sidwell Friends to the best universities in America. Her father even accompanied her on several of the college tours. Her parents' alma mater, Harvard! In the fall of Skyrim shaking camera, she began her studies and before long—even met a guy who would soon be seen on her arm all How to steal someones girlfriend.

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Her parents took her to Harvard in August of themselves. No movers or absentee parents here. President Obama and First Lady Michelle were seen lugging boxes and other university items to her dorm room Dbz episode 242 sister Sasha helped as well.

Malia will graduate with the class of She made the most of it, even rubbing elbows with some of the most celebrated artists of our day with her internship at the Weinstein Company.