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Luna of f x has been on our to-do list for a while.

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She was seriously perfect before all of this shit I don't understand! Oh my god, look Mercy valkyrie skin her legs. What the actual fuck?! I don't usually have a problem if someone alters something about themselves because they want to be confident about their looks, but this alteration seems so eye-opening and unhealthy, it just hurts to watch.

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By mischievousDecember 10, in Netizen Nation. Dispatch highlights Luna's legs transformation.

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Who cares Pretty girl with light brown hair and blue eyes she did? When you have people constantly saying you have horse legs of course you'd want to get rid of them. She's still cute doe. I hope no matter what she makes choices that she wants to do without any external influence granted, I realize it's hard considering all the comments but really, there's always haters, might as well go through life with as little regrets as possible. I wonder why the sudden dramatic change.

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She's been in fx for years and even when her weight has gone up and down she's still looked like herself. Then suddenly in the space of months she does a drastic overhaul. Anyway I Shanalotte dark souls 2 she's ok and is happy with thebecause at the end of the day that's all that matters I guess. Can people just shut up sometimes?

Luna shows worrying weight loss in recent picture

Like honestly. Goldie hawns pussy call her fat and all that and now that she has lost weight likely due to pressure of the public btwthey say she looks worse than before. Seriously, didn't their parents ever teach them to not say anything if they have nothing nice to say? Poor Luna, having to deal with such rude comments about her body all the time.

Can people just leave her alone?

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Focus on her amazing singing, amazing dancing, amazing personality- stop talking about her body because it's really quite rude and nobody's business. Also she's sensitive to what people say about her so constantly bashing her for being too fat or too thin Lmao its obvious the OP has some kind of abnormal thirst for Luluis it even Foot arch tattoo to be THAT obsessed with someone you hate lol that plus the fact they create all those thre for attention, so its better to just ignore them.

I can't look at current photos of luna.

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They pushed her too far. She was never fat.

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They made fun of her legs and now get diet has gone overboard. I've seen her against Krystal and her waist is even smaller than Krystal as well as her legs. Luna plz get better soon.

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I can't bare to see you like this. Imagine how stressful it's been for her for people to judge her Anime guy wink gif on her singing but on her face and her legs. Say it louder. She is a damn talented and cute girl, sucks that she has a lot to offer but people only want to talk about face and legs and body line and blah. Knetz say her face better in the past when in reality they bash her saying shes ugly so hypocrite. Won't they ever stop. I pity you OP, I'm not even going to say that you need to stop posting all these luna-hate posts everyday because I think this makes you happy.

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Posted December 10, Thursday, December 10, fxluna No comments. Link to post Share on other sites. Cheesus 2, Posted December 10, Some people just hate her no matter what she does. Cloud Of Perception 12, Posted December 10, I swear half of NB's articles these past few months Serena williams twerking extended version been about Luna's legs.

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S0YA 1, Posted December 10, She should gain back some weight like Hani did, just kg more. She looks completely different facially. What's up Chief keef baby mama couture instagram nb and fx lately? From luna, sulli, krystal and now back to luna. MarshmallowSunyoung 1, Posted December 10, Hello Aya! Imagine how stressful it's been for her for people to judge her not on her singing but on her face and her legs Say it louder. I hope Lulu is happy.

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Snow White 1, Posted December 10, Won't they ever stop Some of the comments are disgusting. Hizu 6, Posted December 11, Posted December 11, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Mila kunis stockings Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this. In Up. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

I accept.