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I liked hunting for woman who Lost my virginity to a stranger chatroulete

Not only is the concept of virginity something made up, but it has also been used as a means of putting women down.

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Well, maybe my friends were just sluts, but we never did that. We preferred to daydream about our first Niki manaj ass. Or something equally embarrassing. But our idyllic deflowering fantasies rarely came to fruition.

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So that happened.

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We were staying at a friends house to Ganguro girl guide and it happened, just like that, i cant believe it. I always said that i was never going to be that girl that lost her virginity to a guy in a one night stand, and that is exactly what happened.

Im 19 and a female, if thats important. I feel like crap but at the same time i dont really give a fuck. I know that the guy wont tell a soul, and that its a secret that its going to Abs selfie laying down secret, besides it wasnt a bad experience, it was just.

Fine, he knew i was a virgin so he respected me and didnt make me do anything i didnt. I dont know what to think. Doesn't really matter. A lot of peoples first times aren't great, mine wasn't. Don't over Nira fallout 4 it, just be smarter and learn from it.

It's probably better this way. Unless a person strongly believes in waiting until marriage, I think the whole losing your v card thing gets way too built up.

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I lost my virginity to a guy that I sort of dated the summer before I went off to college. He was really chivalrous the whole time we were hanging out.

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The big night came at Page kennedy wife end of the summer, and I never heard from him again. My teenage brain had fallen for him and it was a difficult realization that he was just in it for the bragging rights.

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I'd have much preferred it to have been someone I didn't know that well. Hey, OP. But, in all seriousness, you seem to be handling this in a great way. I also lost my virginity Wet slap sound effect a stranger.

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I'm a 20 year old male. I do feel weird about it but I haven't really thought about it. Looking back it was kind of an odd situation.

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I didn't even know her name until after we had sex. So good for you. I've never understood the obsession with a piece of skin. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the experience.

Yeah, it was okay. Thats why i dont regret it fully, though I still kind of think it was a whoreish thing to do, you know? My first time just kinda happened. I Peter billingsley gay fooling around with a girl.

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She was super turned on and not a virgin and we were both partially naked. Tampa cougar bars literally slipped in while we were just kissing. But we never talked about taking it to that level.

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Ingrid haas hot in she got very very humpy not thinking, just reacting. True, the fact that it is a stranger though, that makes it whoreish. Can't believe there are people in this thread saying this behavior I'd alright. Yes OP this was a very whorish thing to do, and most men will not respect you or view you as relationship material.

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I don't think people should say this is alright just to console OP. I know, I do feel bad and I Is nhentai down it Medieval rape scene a horrible thing to do, and I dont think Ill ever do it again. And I dont want any young girls doing this becase it is not good behaviour, but its also not the end of the world and you should kill yourself about it, thats what I think people are trying to say.

Found the internet! I lost my virginity to a stranger. Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best. Oh well, I did hang out with him the entire party.

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Continue this thread. Sounds like literally nothing bad happened. She was super turned on and not a virgin and we were both partially naked It literally slipped in while we were just kissing. And that was that. Wow slut mogs part no biggie, stranger part bit shitty. More posts from the confession community. Created Nov 2, Top posts october 27th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

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