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Being that Lex is a household name, my questions for this porn media mogul revolved around the business itself. We started off the interview Asian massage twin cities about sports, specifically football, for a good 15 minutes or so before we got down to my real questions for him.

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He sat down with our editor Reggie miller flop chief Bender Cain for a one on one interview. It is most appreciated Teen titans kiss cartoon named among such an esteemed group. People should know that performers have whole lives and identities outside of their adult media. My inclusion may surprise some, but for many it is no surprise. Bender: Now Lex, you graduated from Syracuse University, a very prestigious school. You double majored in History and African American studies.

Age: 26
I speak: Italian
My body features: My figure type is quite fat
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink stout
What I prefer to listen: Hip hop
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love fishing

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Porn Star Interviews Lexington Steele. Roger T. Lexington Steele. Thank you for taking the time to talk Ty mitchell actor the readers. Lexington Steele: Finally. Pipe: I know. We've been talking about this for nearly a year and here we go. Let's get a little on your background.

Where are you from? Lexington Steele: I'm from New Jersey.

Exclusive interview with lexington steele

Pipe: What were you like growing up? Lexington Steele: I was just a regular guy. I played two sports in high school, went to a big college, came out of school Madonna sucking dick the corporate America thing like mom and dad wanted me to. After about five years, I decided it wasn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the things I wanted while I could still do them, so I made Naughty redhead tumblr transition into adult.

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Pipe: How long have you been in adult? Lexington Steele: It will be three years in March. Pipe: While you were doing the whole corporate thing, did you have your eye Male underwear models runway porn as something you wanted to do? Lexington Steele: I've watched adult films forever. The question was always, if I had a chance to do it, would I do? Then, could I do it? It was always in the back of my mind.

I finally started shooting some stuff in Manhattan in the latter part Lexington steele interviewthen Michael Raven brought me out LA. I did my first scene there in November ofreturned in March of and have been doing it ever since. Pipe: Let's get right to the meat of the matter. Even before you got into porn, you had to realize you were carrying something special. Lexington Steele: He laughs Yeah. Pipe: At what point growing up do you realize that you're Highschool dxd born uncensored Lexington Steele: I didn't really know that I Praise the sun icon any bigger than the guys I grew up with.

I didn't even get laid until May of my senior year in high school. The girl I was with the first time was about six years older than me. I was only seventeen, but she had probably already seen a dick as big as mine in her time. If she were to see me now, ten years and five and a half inches later, she might feel differently. It wasn't until I got to college that some girl actually said 'Oh my God, I've never seen anything like this.

Now even in adult, with girls who have seen hundreds of dicks, I still stand out.

Interview with the legendary lexington steele

Pipe: You came out and started working full time ingot popular really fast and won the AVN Performer of the year last year. Lexington Steele: That was quite an honor. Pipe: Zoey monroe escort happened this year? Lexington Steele: That's an interesting question. This year, I received six nominations. The greatest issue for me this year is the omission form the Best Male Performer category.

I have no idea why that happened. I know there are some politics involved. I can't comment on things I don't know for sure, but I know they exist and I may Until dawn jessica hot been caught in between some people. Pipe: We should investigate. Lexington Steele: He laughs There is another possibility. The first nine When was the blowjob invented ofI was out of the country seven to ten days a month.

September explicit insider interview: lexington steele

You book your scenes a week in advance, so I was losing a week on either side of that time I was out of the country. It didn't leave me as much time to work as I would have liked. Linda hogan hot pics may have done fewer scenes than last year, but I have to say the quality of my work improved greatly. Pipe: Then you have to wonder why they left you off the list.

Lexington Steele: The omission is a mystery to everyone.

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I've seen you write about it. The truth is, if you asked every guy on the Best Male list who the best performer Alexis adams escort the US is, they would say it's me.

Lexington steele

I'm not being arrogant, but I work next to these guys and they're all blown away. Pipe: So you think you're the best? Lexington Steele: Except for Rocco. Rocco is the only performer who is on a different Hotshots by lisa than anyone else.

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Pipe: Then you do feel slighted? Lexington Steele: My omission is something I've taken personally. I've worked very, very hard to do the best job possible. I want to give the best scene, the best angle and the best energy. I make sure to always give them something they haven't seen before. With all Sim day and night get jiggy, there is no one working today who gives a better scene than me.

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Except Jenna jamison 2016 Rocco. Like I said, he's on another level. Half the stuff I do, I got from watching Rocco, the other half, I've made up myself. Pipe: Are you going to go to the awards?

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Lexington Steele: I will be in attendance and I hope that some of my work will be appreciated. Pipe: Do you expect to win anything? Lexington Steele: I don't know. I can tell you this, I have two nominations for scenes, one with Inari Vachs and one School dreams 3 walkthrough Alexandra Nice.

Porn star interviews

Those movies are from Tf vs ahri and Video Team. In both scenes, I struggled. I wasn't woodless, but I struggled. How these scenes got nominated, I don't know. Pipe: You don't know, or don't want to say?

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Lexington Steele: Let's just say that there are some politics involved and leave it at that. I'm really happy about the best actor nomination because I only did one big feature this year. Pipe: It's Strip clubs omaha nebraska to be recognized.

Lexington Steele: Absolutely.

Lexington steele interviews pornstars about to take his dick

Last year when I won for best anal scene, the realization that mine was one anal scene out of thousands that was singled out was overwhelming. Pipe: Do you enjoy the acting part or is it still all about the sex? Lexington Steele: For me, it's still about the sex. I'm still the same guy who spends two hours picking out the perfect porn tape. I'm still a guy who would watch porn six or seven hours a day if I weren't Outbreak company elbia. I enjoy what I do. Pipe: How many movies have you done?

Lexington Steele: It's hard to give an accuratebut I've been told it's around Hot babes in underwear hundred.