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Extrovert girl seeking male League of legends no hud courtship

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After I just lost a game and got low The violation of harley quinn queue for disconnecting about 7 times during the game to try and fix the bug where I had absolutely no hud, looking like thisI thought Chad from suicidegirls would share this here just in case someone encounters it at some time. In that picture even the shop screen is open, as I could hear it open, I could hear chat sounds and interact with hud as if it was there clicking on map to scroll around etc.

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After scouring through the internet and everything I found no fix asides from "reload the game", I tried reloading, relogging, restarting pc, nothing worked, then I went ahead and deleted the game. I've done a 3v3 custom with no HUD and its super fun.

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At least if you're in comms. Hate when I find posts complaining about stuff then finding the solution and not writing what it is.

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Found the internet! A fix just in case someone encounters the invisible HUD somehow.

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Posted by I am fucking done. Sort by: best.

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New game-mode confirmed? I am fucking done.

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Hardcore mode. Try pressing L. Hah, exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this post.

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You're welcome :. More posts from the leagueoflegends community.

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