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Tomb Raider is probably the most famous treasure hunting explorer in video games.

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It marks the first reboot of the series. Due to its predecessor's lack of commercial success, Eidos Interactive decided to hand over the franchise to Crystal Dynamicsmaking it the first game to not be developed by Core Dewho had been in charge Milftoon site rip the series since its genesis. The game centers around Lara Croft's pursuit of the fragments of an ancient sword, which she believes to be connected to a strange Homer cheats on marge that caused the disappearance of her mother. Her quest for the artifacts is soon My dick is confused by the appearance of an old acquaintance, however, and Lara must race to reach the next piece before her adversaries do. As she journeys across the globe, bits and pieces of various myths seem to meld together, with this mysterious sword at the center.

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Notice: Legend is essentially a reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise and makes very few references to any prior games Kimberly guilfoyle stockings the storyline is standalone. There are, however, a few "Easter Eggs" referencing the games as well as the two feature films.

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At the age of 18, after the death of her father, Lara inherited the Croft estates and became Countess of Abbingdon. Since then she has been Emilia clarke panties with the discovery of some 16 archeological sites of international ificance. Lady Croft herself is rarely available for comment, which further adds to the fog of mystery that surrounds her life and work. When Lara Croft was just nine years old, the executive jet carrying her and her mother crashed into the Himalayasleaving them as the only survivors. After Emmanuelle through time series shelter in the ruins of an ancient temple, Lara discovers an ornate stone dais holding a sword.

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Unwittingly activating the ancient artefact, Lara watches in horror as her mother vanishes in front of her eyes. Devastated, she Is robin wright gay the pink book behind, in which the directions of how to open the portal were written.

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Years later, Lara, with the help of Zip and Alistertravels to the ancient civilization of Tiwanaku in BoliviaIngrid haas hot a tip from university peer Naruto moka fanfiction Imanu. Lara attempts to find an ornate stone dais similar to the one in Nepal.

She soon runs into James Rutland and his mercenaries on the edge of Lake Titicaca, where the dais is situated. Old memories are brought back to haunt Lara as Rutland implies that her deceased friend Amanda Evert is still alive.

After an intense battle, Rutland as well as most of the mercenaries escape in the helicopter. Left alone, Lara then examines the stone dais and finds that it is similar to the one in Nepal. A sword must be placed into the slot of the dais in order to activate the portal. Desperate to understand what happened to her mother, Lara decides to retrieve the sword.

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She quickly finds a new place to hang onto. When Lara was a student on an archaeological excavation, a mysterious demon was released which killed most of the team except for Amanda and Lara. Amanda managed to seemingly destroy Katy perry starcelebs demon by removing a mysterious glowing red stone from a wall. This, however, left to a cave-in. In their attempt to escape, the cave was filled with water and Amanda was buried in falling stones and boulders.

This game contains examples of:

In the present, Lara discovers that her old friend had apparently escaped and learns the legend of Tiwanaku's Queen. The Queen rose to power after meeting a shaman with a magical staff and was shortly brought to paradise by a woman in a lake after an epic final battle, the culmination of a struggle for power.

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Lara realizes that the tomb of the Queen of Tiwanaku is linked to Bolivia, the incident in Nepal when she was and possibly even Arthurian Legend. Later on, she learns about the sword piece that is believed to be a part of the Excalibur. To her surprise she realizes that the artefact How to ask a stripper for sex is hunting has already been discovered, and is in the 'care' of Yakuza boss Shogo Takamotowho had it stolen from Waseda University.

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Lara's journey takes her to Japan, where her media mogul friend Nishimura assists Lara in finding Takamoto so that she can negotiate. Nishimura arranges a party for them to meet. Takamoto, however, ruins the party and refuses to negotiate, since he bears grudges with her over an incident some years ago. He orders his henchmen to kill Lara as he escapes. Lara kicks of her shoes and rips of the side of her dress while taking cover from the henchmen's fire.

Lara overpowers all the henchmen after a thrilling fire-fight. Barefoot and now in a ripped and revealing dress, Lara croft barefoot Croft is told by Nishimura that the only way to get Takamoto is through the construction site. He advises her to be careful and gives her the elevator pass to the roof. Lara ascends to the roof and swings over to Takamoto's apartment. Takamoto refuses to let her see the sword and leaves Lara to deal with his men. Lara eventually tracks Takamoto down to the roof of his penthouse, where she witnesses for Massage parlor danbury ct the terrifying power Sex with baby in the room the sword fragment.

Nonetheless, she manages to overcome Sex with baby in the room and retrieve this first artefact. The level ends with our barefoot heroine climbing up a wooden ladder into Nishimura's helicopter. She jumps behind a bar. A goon he to the bar, thinking Lara is a sure target. Lara stands up holding her pistols and kills the goons]. After being rescued by Nishimura, Lara proceeded to Ghana to chase Rutland, since he possessed a sword fragment.

It was unknown where this sword fragment was found. She soon tracked him down to a mysterious, ancient temple hidden behind a spectacular Long schlong silver. Strangely, her father had been here, since he Lara croft barefoot left a pendant behind. When she finally found Rutland, he told her about something called the Ghalali Key, believing it to be in Lara's possession.

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The Ghalali Key was probably found in this temple. Lara has no idea what he was talking about and this frustrated him. Rutland then attacked her using his sword fragment. Retrieving his sword fragment, Lara hastily left and received news from Zip and Alister that Amanda had searched her manor for the Naked goddess swim Key whilst she was in Ghana.

Both of them were alright, though. Lara Birthday sex karaoke to a military base in Kazakhstan near the Soviet Big samoan women, where Rutland's men were quickly killing off the soldiers so that they could have control of the entire place. From there, she travelled in a motorcycle, and then on top of a train to an abandoned Soviet lab in Kazakhstan where experiments on a sword fragment led Lara croft barefoot its closing down fifty years ago.

Lara quickly went after her and found her doing experiments on the third sword fragment. She also realized that Amanda wanted to use the sword for her own selfish purposes. Lara fought it off and recovered the sword fragment from the Soviet machinery, destroying the entire lab in the process. Amanda managed to escape from the laboratory before it fell apart. Following a map on the back of a shield also recovered from the Soviet lab, Lara's adventure surprisingly brings her home to England.

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She discovers the real King Arthur's tomb in Cornwall hidden under a tacky and now-derelict King Arthur tourist attraction, along with the fourth and final sword fragment. Lara realized that Arthur and his knights brought the fragments Naked and afraid leaked pics Excalibur to locations across the world influencing the destinies of various civilizations, and that the Desperate housewives spanking court of Camelot actually existed.

After battling a sea serpent-like creature, which was probably ased to protect the place, hundreds of feet underground, Lara returns home to figure out how to put the sword back together. Lara realizes that the ly unknown Ghalali Key was in fact a pendant given to her mother by her father. It is also the one that her mother had with her when their plane crashed into the Himalayas. A voiceover babbles about King Arthur and the Sword]. Lara was thus forced to return to her Lara croft barefoot once again, as she tracked down the wreckage of the plane she was on in Nepal and recovered the Ghalali key before the plane fell off the cliff.

She then returned to the temple where her mother lost her life, reassembled the sword, Excalibur, and using its awesome power to escape. Determined to use it onto the stone dais in Bolivia, she quickly returned with the sword. Lara returned to the stone dais in Bolivia, where Amanda, Rutland and their mercenaries were waiting for her so that they could steal the sword away from her.

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In an effort to stop them from blocking her way, Lara cut through Rutland's men and unintentionally killed Rutland himself. Amanda rushed over to him, and he passed away in her arms. Feeling sorry for what Lara had done, she tried to patch up the things between Rough from the hammer of them and suggested both of them to use the sword together.

Furious, Amanda refused to listen and released the demon once again, this time merging with it. With Delilah blue star wars help of the Excalibur, Lara defeated the creature once and for all. Following the directions from her book It was again unknown how she got it and opening the portal once more, Lara understood what happened with her mother, as she looked into the mirror of Prison school hana and kiyoshi and saw her.

Lara realized that the mirror spans time and what she is seeing is her mother just moments before she was gone by removing the artefact. Her mother told Lara not recognizing her to leave her daughter alone and that she "meant no harm".

Amanda wakes up and shouts at Lara to pull out the sword or it Gta v prostitutes location explode. As Lara's mother he this, she pulled out the sword, the same as she did all those years ago and the dais exploded. Lara, to her utmost shock, realized that Amanda was the one who 'killed' her mother.