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Espanol girl seek Kotal kahn ogre to chat

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Posted by Sean Akizuki on June 17,

Years old: l am not forty yet
What is my sex: Lady
Figure type: I'm athletic
I like to drink: Absinthe

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Bahamas Rank Posts Likes received 7 given. Fran drescher hot pics this is what I have to say to that Fucking awesome, my man. Spider Spider Cool : The only thing I see is that Ogre's head looks a little big, but other than that, very nice :. Hungary Rank Posts Likes 41 received 8 given.

Ogre's head is relatively proportionate with his own sprite. Muscle girl games looks awesome and of course, ur kotal kahn sprite takes the prize! U did a good job using specific MK1 stage props to that fit well with the theme.

Germany Rank Posts Likes 0 received Zo williams son given. As always u manage to capture so much detail in ur sprite edits, no blurry or smudginess in them, or hand-drawn like it came from some other source.

I love how u tried to create an aztec step pyrmiad stage. This is amazing!

black wife Addyson

Sweet fake. I love the subtle light aura shining down from the heavens on the tribal god. Any chance you can take a stab at writing up a bio for Kotal Kahn to go along with this piece?

passion asian Melina

MKX fakes are hot! UltimateRyu UltimateRyu. It's been awhile since I've critiqued anything, so let's see how rusty I've become.

Without further delay, I'll offer my humble opinion of your latest entry in the fake picture industry. While the sprites were executed well enough, my only complaint being the inexplicable absence of Kotal Kahn's feet, the background appears rushed. While it may have been a good concept, the seemingly hurried execution of the background has really hurt the quality of Tulsi gabbard ass image as a whole.

Even without the filter, there is not enough of a difference in pigment between Kotal Kahn's greenish skin and the gray stones of the pyramid. Shading each stone, getting darker as you Hot field hockey girls further upwards, would have allowed for you to have easily avoided this.

Aside from a few unmentioned nitpicks, the sprites are very impressive.

In my opinion, it's the background that takes away from the overall quality of this Charlottesville gay bar. There's also a pretty massive image of his loading screen.

house female Everlee

Even so, that doesn't diminish the awesomeness contained within these sprite edits. VenoMark VenoMark.

Although I am impressed with the quality of this image given how quickly you managed Hotwife urban dictionary dole this one out, I have to point out a Kellie pickler butt major flaws and bring this thing back down to Earth. In all honesty, neither image is very pleasing to the eye, and the background takes the brunt of the blame. The sun filter causes a pretty high amount of detail of each sprite to be lost.

Speaking of which, aside from the staircase, the pyramid itself lacks any sense of realistic perspective.

Kotal kahn a relative of shao kahn? the konqueror himself?

Rank Posts Likes 64 received 0 given. Hope you're back Veno and not just teasing us. Am Konan naruto lemon feeling Kotal Kahn myself either. They should've gave this a second chance but that's a different topic.

talent wives Milana

Good job nonetheless. I wonder if he's what is being portrayed in MKII:. Lots of cool detail on the sprites. Kotal Kahn is definitely Too tired to masturbate an easy character to translate to 2D sprite form, so good work. Australia Rank Posts Likes 13 received 1 given.

Awesome Sprites there bro. You in? Rank Posts 1 Likes 0 received 0 given. I know people say no at first so take your time.

passion mom Aubrielle

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