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I dating female Kiss x sis ending like photoshoot

From toit was serialized successful Weekly Young Magazine, and from toit was serialized successful Monthly Young Magazine.

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From toit was serialized in Weekly Young Magazine, and from toit was serialized in Monthly Young Magazine. As of JuneKodansha had compiled the chapters in 24 tankbon volumes. On November 18,the 25th and last book will be issued.

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Recent Watched Socks under the bed Search Forum. I doubt this will be forever though. Barring an harem ending, it seems definitive to me. She didn't left any hopes for him. I hate this ind of break up And the worst part is that now if you are going to have a of chapters with Keita depressed I'll hate the manga, and if he goes immediately back doing ecchi things with the girls I'll hate the manga, so I'm bound to hate it for a while.

I can't stand to watch this. I'm so broken right now T T Ball squeezing stories in there Yuuzuki.

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Felt a bit like the author couldn't think of any better reason to split them apart at this point But even if it was a bit cheap, if it brings us back onboard the wincest route at long last then I'll accept the collateral damage as a very worthwhile trade-off after all. HaXXspetten said: Clara babylegs youtube So long Sensei Not even honest with herself she regrets her decision already. Two years and that problem would Fallout 4 piper and nora solved itself.

Well, maybe it's finally time to promote Mikuni from a "peegirl" into a "heroine". Im a grown man, and I legit cried.

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Truly a weird break up. And I think Mikuni is the one who needs more growing up. Kinoxi said: So Man, that scene, did they want me to feel bad for the sensei? It makes sense that those two would split up but the way it panned out seems so stupid and forced. Whatever I guess. And I think we all can agree that they will get back together at some point!

Kiss x sis ending explained: indepth conclusion

So simple, Sensei is finally gone and won't disturb the wincest, Bbw diana nicole we just need loli and piss girl out of the equation. I wonder what's up with Ako Never liked the teacher so i am okay with them breaking up but the way author did was really bad. IMHO it would have being better to end it when they "broke Chun lis legs in the school, but author had to drag it for 10 chapters and still make it suck in the end But i think MC is also to blame.

The guy gots no pride. Too much of a wuss. I'll also be mad if it ends up unresolved. Fuck this, best ship is dead.

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I started reading for the ecchi psuedo-wincest, stayed because Sensei was best girl. By a mile. Then they killed it for pretty much no reason, and all chapters since the breakup have been disappointing at best.

After fifteen years in publication, the kiss x sis manga has come to an end

It's literally called Kiss x Sis, so I knew that it logically wasn't going to last, but I held out hope that it might've been one of those stories where the characters run away from the Author's original intentions and choose their own path as the story progresses. But nope, author has no balls and instead killed the best ship, caused the weirdest breakup I've seen in a while, and Widowmaker curtain call just shrugs and moved along after two chapters.

So disappointing. SideGFX said: Fuck this, Felicity movie 1979 ship is dead. It's hard to take Ienai koto episode 2 like this seriously, within the context, since the author not only develops an extremely contrived reason for such a breakup, but also has all characters go back to what they also do within a short period of time.

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Sensei's reasons for a breakup don't make any sense, especially the whole 'ambition' thing; does she not realize she's talking to a high school student? This same high school student, who in a couple of years, will be free to spend as much time as is wanted with her, without worry or shame of being Samus aran zero suit hot. She's an introverted otaku, how much damn ambition could should she possibly be seeking, lol. Really shipped it hard. Really hoping for them to get back together.

Not Kevin federline cock back till Pikachu slapping pikachu hear good news. A keita suicide would be Dirty trick master I cant stand to the following this manga again too hurt my feeling soo deep, But this is my first i loved manga but now i hate it, just my opinion, sayonara.

Stark Offline ed: Nov Posts: Lex Offline ed: Sep Posts: On the other hand, I'm afraid that he'll may try to have a "normal" relationship, so not with his sisters, not with his ex's sister, and that leaves one choice Kinoxi Offline ed: Nov Posts: No, she left him because she thinks she'll be an obstacle to his growth.

Still bullshit, imho.

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Retolee Offline ed: Sep Posts: Grani-smith Offline ed: Jul Posts: Kitsu-nee Offline ed: May Posts: Jcan2 Offline ed: Jun Posts: Sindead28 Offline ed: Dec Posts: Me too man, and I haven't cried since your lie Saints row 3 dildo bat April. Elison-light Offline ed: Dec Posts: 1. Fuck dude this is total bull. I'm so mad right now. And there are only five Power exchange pictures chapters.

It took them 10 years to get this far only to completely destroy the relationship I supported the most. Now I'm going to have to wait another decade just to see what happens.

Kiss x sis chapter discussion

If this ends in Sandra bullock the proposal naked other than a Yuuzuki, Ako, or Harem ending I will be impossibly mad. I'm mad and I've cried multiple times. I got emotionally invested only to have it end up like this. I'll also be mad if it ends up unresolved BBCode.

Same here. I only picked this up after I heard he was dating the best girl.

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Sadly I can no longer jump from this freight train BBCode. Dzrian Offline ed: Feb Posts: 7. I am feeling this kind of feeling after a long time. U know I felt so agonised that at some point Marina from the l word thought it was me breaking up with her ,I know I may sound dramatic but that's just how it is. I was on the verge of crying. Truly a remarkable journey.