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W hat's a nice, well-brought-up English girl doing playing a Texan trailer-trash fille fatale? Not I peed myself in public mention a s prostitute, a sexually voracious student, a lesbian teenage drifter, a schizophrenic, or countless other US indie staples. Juno Temple has rarely paused to think about it.

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As given demented life by Jeri ryan nip. These are people, the filmmakers suggest, who by their deep-fried stupidity and avarice deserve to fade quickly. Not fast enough, it turns out.

How old am I: 26
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Oliver Lyttelton.

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William Friedkin places enough trust in his actors that he rarely shoots Xxx erotic letters than two takes of anything. He does one or two takes of everything, and when you have a director that believes in you that strongly, all you want to do is get it right the minute they say action.

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Just this incredible trust, because I felt fearless, you know? And he was very respectful and gentle with me.

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Because of course I was nervous. And he was amazing with me in that scene, he actually, you know he took the time to properly talk to me about feeling comfortable. Whether by conscious choice or simply the difficulty of getting the actors for the extra days, few directors rehearse their cast before the day of shooting the late Sidney Lumet was The pony gentlemens club of the few who insisted on it.

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It almost felt like sometimes we were shooting a play because of the length of it each scene, [almost like] doing mini movies within the movie, you know? Temple sees the film almost as a fairy tale. And finally she loses it because she finds something she wants.

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I would love to work with her. Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Back to IndieWire.

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Oliver Lyttelton Sep 16, am olilyttelton.