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This article is about the disease Vampirism, in particular the effects it has on the player. For NPCs who are vampires, see Vampire. Vampirism in Skyrim is a disease that transforms Big blacks uncle infected with Sanguinare Vampiris into vampires: feared, blood-drinking creatures of the night.

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I'm stuffing my lockpicks in a chest and Crystal rae bio out my fangs. I'd never given much thought to becoming a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online, but now that the Greymoor expansion has revamped vampires with flashy animations and Cum in mare pussy skills, my larcenous khajiit is considering a career change. Ever since the Thieves Guild was added to The Elder Scrolls Online, I've become a casual player—I pop in to go on thieving and fencing sprees, or do a daily heist after a few story missions. I hadn't thought much about becoming a vampire in ESO. Unlike in Oblivion, growing fangs in ESO doesn't force you to stay indoors during the daylight.

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Yushiha is a Khajiit found in Weeping Scar. She is a member of the Tenarr Zalviit vampire clan.

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Her clan is being persuaded by her blood-brother, Rakazsa Diaper lover quiz, to abandon their peaceful ways and attack passing caravans. Yushiha needs your help to stop them.

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After you free Zayrahthe first living captive you find, Yushiha will appear and lead her outside:. After suriving an ambush and freeing Ra'kardrushe'll arrive:.

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Once you free Kuhari and S'zaram and she'll exclaim:. After you have freed the captives, you will need to find Rakazsa.

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Further through the tunnels, you can witness Yushiha trying to reason with Rakazsa:. Afterwards, you can ask her where she will go.

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Her dialogue will differ depending on whether other things have come to pass:. If you haven't defeated Zumog Phoom :. If you've already defeated Zumog Phoom Bratty bunny c4s, you'll say:.

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If you helped Yushiha beforehand, she can be found at the Moon Gate of Anequina, where she Nakid black women help defend it from the Euraxians and Dragons:. She is also a possible guest at Khamira 's coronation:.

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Jump to:search. Weeping ScarMoon Gate of Anequina.

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Tenarr Zalviit.