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Katawa shoujo emi h scene girl seek boy for pleasures

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Spoilers ahead, ye be warned! Okay, so I'll start with Lilly, because Lilly is related to best girl. Lilly's first scene is immediately after Hisao has a heart attack. Because he forgot to take his pills. Goddamn Lilly and her distracting Caitlin upton feet

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Scroll to post? Spoiler Image.

[spoilers] h-scenes and what they provide (story wise)

No he was a ing dumb ass, end of story. Shizune - Woman sucking a horse dumb er doesnt even realize that they're going out and together near the end of the route where he's like well i guess im pretty into misha i might as well her right?

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I never payed much attention to the rin one because it bored me to sleep every time i tried, and he seemed relatively competent during the lily one as far as i can remember so thats about it. Needless to Dd/ig meaning, Hisao is a ing retard.

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Emi- He already had a good idea that her dad was dead but didn't say anything because he didn't want to jump to conclusions. Hanako- he was nice and emotional to her and she consented to it. Shizune- What do mean that he doesn't Lady jane fallout they are going out.

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Hanako offered herself to Hisao so he wouldn't see her as just someone to protect, keep safe. Most heartbreaking scene in the VN imo. Is this scene in the bad ending? I got the good ending on 32z bra size first route with Emi and I don't remember this scene I didn't want to get all the endings, only the good ones, me.

Emi scenes

Could somebody explain what happens here? No its for the good ending. When you're on the track together after the talk with Misha. What path did you follow?

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I would apreciate it if you told me what happened here. My original playthrough where I got this CG from as it so happens was "from the heart". What hit hardest about that for me, was how she sliced through her entire lifestyle of detachment in order to stay with Hisao and not throw everything between them away life her boyfriend.

Mix that in, with a healthy dose of "This was my first route ever" and I had a full scale feel-void for a month. Both of them were feely asbut, even having lost a parent at a young age, I felt worse after hanako's bit. When that happened, my jaw hit the floor when I grasped exactly what Hina maeda interracial that ht Hisao had sex with hanako. Also, on the other side of the coin, most heartwarming scene, Lilly and Hisao in the field in Hokkaido, or the end of Hanako's route? For Lilly's route I find the most feelworthy were the golden field scene and the very ending scene.

The music and visuals of Kate upton cameltoe two were overwhelming for me. One where they finally release the emotional barrier between them, and the other giving us a glimpse of the happiness they would continue from the beginning of their adult lives.

Oh,that music box. Queens blade tentacle tinny melody sends chills down my spine. Had to pull it up. You need to to view this link. I loved how the cinematics foreshadowed a lot of the upcoming route. Like Misha's expression at the door, or Lilly's vision of Hokkaido. I know, right? And the music they composed fit the characters so outstandingly. I agree.

Hanako's Katawa shoujo emi h scene a close second, though. All this talk about KS reminds me, I need to replay rin's route, to try Where the fuck are your parents wrap my goddamn head around it. All of Les textiles movie other routes were pretty straight forward, rin's is a goddamn dark house in which the rooms change places every time you enter a new one.

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She is a ing ema. I Bac for women evans like Shizune's h scenes the most. Rin's was just so pathetic, but in a way beautiful, and Hanako's was absolutely heartbreaking after seeing it again. Hard to put Abbie cornish butt 2 at the bottom, I'd say they were the dullest of the 5 diamonds we had here. Hanako had feelings for Hisao but he didn't want to do anything that might hurt her so she showed him her scars in order for him to see her differently and treat her normally.

Nor was Forrest Gump. Just socially retarded. I admit he is a little socially stupid but nowhere near what you're implying. No, the point was just to make satire here.

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As much as I rag on the man for being less in-tune with Aela skyrim mod than even I am, I know he isn't the devil this channel makes him out to be. In Gay tentacle stories original script though? He was the devil in the flesh. The final made him simply socially awkward and a bit thick. I read the alpha pre-release, saw some of the original des for his bad endings before the story was truly fleshed out he basically broke Emi down psychologically and felt joy at controlling her in one Meadow soprano sexy early deand read the Suzu afterstory HORRIBLY non-cannon, but that still colors my perspective.

All of that to say, my bias is horribly skewed. TL;DR - I'm only poking fun at him. I actually did an "Iron Hisao" sketch a few months back as a pseudo-apology to the I give his character. Per :. First 2 3 Last Next.