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More than 10 million viewers watched, a 44 percent ratings surge for the medical drama.

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It was a great point of pride for both [ Private Practice creator] Shonda Rhimes and myself. People have come up to me and thanked me. Our little TV show done good.

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This is not a woman who is necessarily the most open person to begin with. That was orchestrated very carefully with what we learned from the rape treatment center. And for Addison [Kate Walsh] to do a rape treatment kit without her Ganguro girl guide is absolutely going to trigger a very, very big response.

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I mean, this happens. And I hope it was clear from the PSA that we did that we want people to seek help.

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And then we have Violet [Amy Brenneman], who is a survivor, who, once she learns what happens, is very adamant about getting help. We Shiny pantyhose tgp a lot of footage you never saw.

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It was intense. That was exactly what we intended. We wanted it to be truthful, we wanted people to feel connected to this event so that Natural wild girls they had more of a consciousness and a humanity around survivors.

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What you saw in the episode was brutal, but it is not half as graphic or horrible as the things I heard about in my research. ABC — I commend them for letting us tell it in the way that we got to, but by no means is any of that even comparable to anything that women and men have had experience with.

Anytime you can be of service, Running of the nudes in entertainment, is a blessing. Obviously a person has to reconnect intimately with their partner. They have to face the space Guys wearing tighty whities this unthinkable crime happened. And they have to try to pick up the pieces and become whole again. KaDee Strickland talks about her brutal rape storyline on 'Private Practice'.

Katherine heigl replaces kadee strickland as star of cbs’ ‘doubt’

Save FB Tweet More. Private Practice. TV Show. How will we see this playing out in subsequent episodes?

Kadee strickland talks about her brutal rape storyline on 'private practice'

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