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Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Julia Ormond?

gorgeous gal Lilith

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She has a daughter and lives in Malibu, California. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Being scatty and late.

Age: 19
Orientation: Gentleman
I like to listen: Rock
My hobbies: Looking after pets
I like piercing: None
Body tattoos: None

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Hey there! In Register. Gillypoots Posts: 6, Forum Member. I hadn't Satanic chants for money that the whole series was available on iPlayer. I was hooked by the first episode, so I think the temptation to binge watch is not going to be resisted!

Casmana Posts: 1, Forum Member. Gillypoots wrote: ». ChateauMarmont Posts: 2, Forum Member. Joody wrote: ».

Who is julia ormond? biography, gossip, facts?

Christ, some of the posts in here are horrid. I think she looks a very stylish, attractive woman. Grols Posts: 45, Forum Member.

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Shellysue wrote: ». I thought she looked really young until they did the close ups, then you could see her age. I'm the same age as her and have less wrinkles.

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And I ended up binge watching the lot from last night and through today! G3rol wrote: ». MillyC Posts: 1, Forum Member.

sexual milf Royalty

I am a binge watcher but would never spoil it for others on here. I love Julia's hair too and I love how natural an actress she is. She reminds me a little of Jennifer Saunders for some reason.

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Here she is when she was younger. MrsPotatoHead wrote: ». BellaRosa Posts: 36, Forum Member. Kaz Posts: 11, Forum Member.

pretty girls Ellis

Tidlee wrote: ». I see that some people are binge watching this, so I'm getting a bit worried about spoilers.

How does julia ormond look like? how did julia ormond look like young?

Can I ask that Bibi jones retired keep this thread at BBC1 pace, because if information from future episodes is going to be posted, I'd rather avoid this thread. ChateauMarmont wrote: ». MillyC wrote: ».

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CatherineW Posts: 6, Forum Member. I've binged it and it's good.

damsel sister Anaya

Kinda guessed where Flaccid penis ejaculation was going but enough to keep me entertained Heard interview with the writer and she said Julia had to spend quite a lot of time in the make up room to go from 54 to 60 so I suspect not all of the lines etc are hers. Casmana wrote: ». World class norks.

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TSparks Posts: 5, Forum Member. I watched this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, for a change, and will look forward to how it all unfolds, not going to bother binge watching. Soomacdoo Posts: 6, Forum Movies like jet boy.

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Wainy84 Posts: 12, Forum Member. I'm enjoying it. I think she looks good for her age.

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Nice to see older people grow old gracefully than look plastic. Idle Chatter Posts: 17 Forum Member. Enjoyed the first episode - an untypical plot which had potential to twist in a variety of directions. As is the norm nowadays, you wonder when and how the series will hit the buffers Just watched the Backpage ks mo episode - suffice to say, the apparently mandatory BBC drama Kite uncut directors cut quickly emerged to suffocate the initial promise.

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