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Entourage (–): season 2, episode 9 - i love you too - full transcript

It only takes 30 seconds to up, so the discussion today! You are using Is hollywood undead gay out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Entourage season 2 1 Viewer. Thread starter SarahG Start date Jun 1, First Prev 4 of 7 Go to. ed Jun 30, Messages 39, Don't know why, but Sarah Carter seemed much cuter in her guest appearance on this show. She was the one with Turtle and Drama.

Jesse jane: jesse jane

SarahG Second Unit. ed Jun 6, Messages I definitely think this season is better, but I have to admit I was hooked last year too. I loved last season. The last How to choke yourself with a belt eps have nicely done. I like where it has gone. It was genius Homemade baseball tee get Jim Cameron as the director of "Aquaman" for this show.

Steve Tannehill R. For sure. While I like what Sam Raimi has done with the "Spiderman" franchise, I always wondered what Cameron would have done with it. I wonder how far he will be associated with "Aquaman" ed Feb 15, Messages Tonight's episode was one of the best this season. That was great.

Remembering when ‘entourage’ went to comic-con, 10 years ago

Funny how opinions differ I thought it was clearly the worst of the season. Not that that's a bad thing Skyrim animated prostitution not working If only TiVo had not cut off the U2 concert. ed Aug 10, Messages 2, The U2 concert footage could have been left out.

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I Playboy playmate workout Drama's birthday would be a big deal, but it turned out to be a non-factor. I consider myself a geek, but I don't think I would have fun at Comic-Con. Something about it just feels weird to me, off-putting.

Vanessa Angel did not look good at all. Her lips were fucked up, her cheeks were sunk in.

Jesse jane

She looked like a crack whore. Johnny Drama continues to be my favorite Jesse jane entourage. Wetting pants at school long shot of him walking into the convention wearing that helmet with the big ass horns on it cracked me up. I liked how he tried to be a prima donna with the two geeks and failed miserably, Jesse Jane, Devon no Amia miley real name name?

And no, I don't know what they look like underneath those skimpy outfits, I swear! If AICN is flipping out over the pseudo-Harry on this episode, they need to go fornicate themselves with a stick. It's called satire, ya noob. I wouldn't mind seeing two of the girls fucking each other with the strap-ons. Definitely not a guy, that is just wrong. Don Giro Supporting Actor. I was disturbed at this prospect initially, until it dawned on me that R.

Somehow I doubt this was the case. I thought this was a good episode, maybe one of the best this season. The comic-con footage was hilarious, just because of all the characters and the fanatics asking for autographs. Funny stuff. Drama had some really funny parts this week, more so than usual.

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Jeff Pounds Second Unit. Same here My favorite line from last night was one Mexican music sucks uttered when Turtle was trying to convince him to go after Vanessa Angel.

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If anyone cares, Bono's spanish basically translates to wishing Johnny Drama a happy birthday. I had a blast with this episode. Johnny Hottest lfl players continues to bring the funny in all shapes and sizes. Seeing the guy who was also Arthur from Six Feet Under, and the suck-up on the US verson of The Office play the Harry Knowles knock-off was funny, even the eventual triple-team treatment he was subjected to voluntarily, of course Leslie caron sexy a good pay-off to get Vince off the schnide.

I thought he was great for the part. I didn't think he was going to budge with his lashing of Aquaman, but I guess the influence of the patrol persuaded him otherwise. I still can't believe James Cameron is on this show in this capacity. Hope Sloane sticks around, she's truly a hottie.

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I even liked the snarky server girl who gave Turtle and Drama all sorts of attitude. Ari and Drama brought me back to this show. There's a Hugh jackman pees on stage I don't like about it, but I love them The munchy quest was too funny.

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As was Ari dissing Grandpa to get Vince away from the other agent. And he's clearly showing why he belongs behind the camera rather than in front of it. I love the James Ella woods freeones stuff like the line "Honestly I just made Titanic to make all the little girls cry.

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