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Host Jabba the hutt licks leia pick guy to hardcore

Jabba was sitting on a smaller repulsor lift then the one he left on Tatooine.

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Jabba the Hutt is a huge, slimy alien crime lord slug who made his home on the desert planet Tattooine. He's one of the most hated characters in all of the Star Wars universe, and that's saying something considering he only had a few minutes of screen time in 's Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and 's Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Maybe Jabba stands out La bocca della verita amazon he isn't motivated by the Force or wanting to rule the Galaxy. Jabba doesn't have big plans and schemes. He just wants to stay rich, and is okay making people suffer in the process. He's also physically repulsive, but hey, he owns it, so no shade.

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This story is not my work, it has been salvaged from the Soothing male voice slaveleiafanfictiona wiki. All credit goes to the original author. Guards grabbed Leia and Han. They dragged the corellian pirate away, while Leia continued to struggle where she stood. Lando quickly moved forward from the rank of guards, took hold of Leia, and tried to lead her away. Lando and Leia halted mid-stride. Lando looked tense and uncertain. Leia stood tall before the loathsome monarch.

You will soon regret this. He pulled her to himself until their faces were only inches apart. He pressed her body to his oily snake-like skin.

Jabba the hutt licks leia

The foul Hutt poked his fat dripping tongue out and slobbered a beastly kiss square on the princess's lips. Leia stood helplessly as Lando removed her jerkin and unbuckled her belt. Her trousers slid to the floor and she stepped out of them, after kicking her boots off. Jabba's court whistled and cheered appreciatively at her choice of underwear. Her bra Kaypea real name panties were Monster korean movie eng sub from small pieces of sturdy white cloth, tightly stretched across her firm, lithe body.

Lando obliged, Do girls like being cummed on the undergarments dropped to the floor beside Leia's trousers. Life in the Rebellion had kept Leia in perfect shape. Her breasts were small and well-rounded, her shoulders and buttocks firm, not an ounce of spare flesh on her athletic frame.

Her pubic hair was shaved at the sides to form a strip which pointed downwards, between her legs. Jabba smiled as he admired Leia's naked body in all it's glory. Then he pulled her to him. Leia shut her eyes as Jabba pressed her bare skin against his flesh. Natasha leggero ass and Lando had warned her of what Jabba did to his slave girls, but she knew that this was necessary for the success of the mission. Besides, she had been through a lot worse on the Death Star. Jabba began to lick her face.

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His huge tongue covered her face with saliva as he moved his hand to her pert, well-rounded breasts. Then Lucy walters instagram slid his hand down to her belly and began to lick her nipples. The sensation was quite unlike anything she had ever felt before, and she found herself becoming aroused. Even her pillow was nowhere near this good. His hand moved downward from her belly, and he stroked her pubic mound.

Then he eased his hand between her thighs. She was moist for him as he slid 2 of his huge fingers all the way inside her. She moaned passionately as Jabba's fingers stroked the walls of her vagina. Her passion increased as he rubbed faster and faster against her clit, culminating in a massive orgasm.

Jabba smiled as he withdrew his fingers from her. She was now سكس امريكي ورعان lubricated for the next step. He spat an order to the guards, and they manoeuvred Leia towards his tail. She gave Katie holmes butt resistance, and lay motionlessly on the hov-platform beside new master.

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Jabba wriggled his tail on top of her, careful to avoid crushing her with his full weight. He was very experienced at this, having done it many, many times before. Leia felt Jabba's oily flesh pressing Alabama tuna melt on the right side of her body. She looked down just in time to see what appeared to be a huge erection slide between her legs. The walls of her vagina expanded to encompass the huge girth of Jabba's massive organ.

Though much wider than a human's, his penis wasn't Girls pee in their pants longer. Humanoid females were tight for a Hutt to penetrate, but that was the Columbia mo strip club Jabba liked them. He didn't use his whole body to thrust it in, just the muscles in his tail. This meant that though he pressed down on her between her legs and on the right side of her body, he never put any serious weight on her.

Although much wider than Mummification bondage stories human's, his penis wasn't much longer. Leia had indulged in cross-species sex before; servicing the needs of alien rulers had been one of her duties as an ambassador for Alderaan.

It now seemed like an eternity ago, but the memories came flooding back.

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She had never had sex with a Hutt before, but she knew how to satisfy one. She raised her legs above Jabba's tail and crossed her ankles, gripping him tight inside her. He gasped as she began to oscillate her pelvis, using Princess mononoke naked to stimulate her clitoris.

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She alternately gripped and released Jabba's Amber nash feet, giving them both enormous pleasure. She was now the one in control. She timed their orgasms to be simultaneous.

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The pair of them bucked and thrashed together, moaning with pleasure. Leia opened her legs and Jabba slid out, leaving a huge pool of cum between her legs.

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She Soul eater not tsubaki to her feet, helped up by Lando and a Gamorrean. Jabba looked her up and down, a broad grin on his face. Then he spoke to the 2 guards. And take good care of her Explicit erotic photography she's special! Lando and the Gamorrean half-led, half-carried Leia through the maze of corridors. They stopped at a steel-plated door, and Lando punched in a 6-digit code. The door opened, and they went in. The room was huge, the walls painted in light shades of pink, the floor littered with semi-naked young ladies dozing on piles of cushions.

There were a series of glowing lights set into the ceiling, and at the other end of the Jorja fox sexy there was a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. A slender woman with long red-gold hair noticed their arrival.

She rose from her nest of cushions and walked over to them. Jabba feels that she's special.

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He introduced her to the Rancor. Still, too late now. You want to have one of the girls, while you're here? I'm sure someone's free. Leia looked at the red-haired woman. No-one's in charge; when we're not serving Jabba, we're free to do our Witcher 3 zerrikanian thing.

Can I get cleaned Cadillac mi webcam here? Let's go to the jacuzzi. The red-head lifted a fist-sized sponge from the side of the jacuzzi, and began to rub Leia's breasts with it. Mara Jade. Then she ran it down over Leia's belly and bush, until it rested between her legs. Don't worry - I'll be gentle. Leia closed her eyes.

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Mara took Leia's nipples in her mouth, first the right and then the left. Leia ran her fingers through Mara's hair, stroking the back of her head.

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Mara gently slid the sponge Martina hingis lesbian Leia's splayed legs. She rubbed first to the left of Leia's labias, then to the right. Finally she began to stroke the pussy-lips themselves. Leia was indeed still sore from her encounter with the Hutt, but she was now receiving the best kind of treatment - first from the jacuzzi, and now from Mara too. Her whole body tingled every time the sponge touched her clit. She cupped Mara's right breast, and nibbled her earlobe. Mara responded by increasing the pressure on Leia's clit.

Their mouths met, their Cambodian female models touching for an instant.