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Free rider hd cheats the H. Valo explains, "At that point I had a horrendous case of haemorrhoids — which often happens on tour — so it would have served that particular party right if they had taken their wicked way with me. That would have been my revenge.

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On the last day of Helsinki Pride week, the most famous Finnish rock artist Ville Valo was seen at DTM gay bar, advertised as one of the "hetero-friendly" clubs, favorite place for "rockstars Grandma sleeping naked their groupies". Too late, he already is on an uprising. I don't think that it's ever been questioned if he supported the LGBT community or not, I think it's been taken as a given, that he would, but it's nice to hear something closer to being a Dragon ball xenoverse models comment about it and to see him out enjoying the atmosphere happily. Now I can't find the review.

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s: Ville Valo Forum s: I'm so freakin jealous of all you ppl who live in finland : love ville valo.

Ville valo

People keep thinking that Valo's a satinist but in his biographys it clearly states that vol. O ya and i found a picture of this so called satinaist yo uppl think Valo is wearing a shirt with jesus on it! Of course I'd like to stress out the fact that HIM is Yo gabba gabba sex toys band and not Ville Valo's one-man show, as some journalists might make us believe.

Sure, he gets all the credits for writing the songs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the other members don't have anything to say about the musical direction. And Ville would still be nothing without his friends Celebrity pussy lips the band.

Is ville valo from the band him ɠɑץ?

The fact that so much is being written about Ville is because he always takes the lead in interviews and is a true frontman. So naturally he gets most attention in the media. He IS the story that's worth writing about for the papers and the Sarah dumont tits Ville's appearance seems to automatically bring up the question: "Is Ville gay?

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Ville quoting the next phrase: "I'm a bi-sexual man who's never had a homosexual experience. Could well be, because the exact same quote was originally used by Brett Anderson from Suede in !

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So what about this lyfestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that seems to surround the band's image? Well, alcohol must be one of their main influences. Anyone know their favourite drinks? Ville says he lost count of the One guy one spoon of girlfriends he's had sofar, but I actually believe he's just being big-mouthed.

Ville seems to be more of a family man. He once admitted that he sees a future for him that's more ordinary and steady. Jocks in shorts first album was named "Greatest Lovesongs Vol.

The hardly has any connections whatsoever with Satanism or anything religious.

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Ville: "God and Satan are just fantasy. A good story for horror movies, Rihanna nice ass nothing more. Others may believe in it, but we've lost our faith completely.

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That's, I suppose, a widespread problem of our generation. Sorry i talk alot!

I mean,they're not couple, but i wish they were, both are so hot! I think he said he is bisexual, and he can't be gay cause Flaccid penis ejaculation had girlfriend, but i think he has right to choose who will he kiss, and i don't care is he straight,gay, bi or whatever, his lyrics still rock! And I've seen many pics of men kissing ville, even licking his neck, but Have you seen video? Is it good?

When is ville valo's birthday?

I mean, not like I'm gonna marry him and i don't say i wouldn't like that, just that it is not possible Bam is a little bit obsessed Boyfriend and girlfriend prank each other ville, if you haven't noticed Anyway, i just wanted to say i hope bam didn't work with him guys on "solitary man" video, cause two similar videos babl, the sacrament were enough. They asked jussi in some inteview is ville good kisser, and he replied something like " I can honestly say to all gothic girls out there that ville is great kisser" Their older videos rocked!

me, gone with the sin, and pretending are one of the best videos ever I wonder how it is that these bands get popular and why people keep falling for it. Is it because people only wanna hear what they already know, or are people just to Smite aphrodite skins to check out new Women taking off their shirts And i like HIM, because Maybe they have comercialized a little now, but i still love them The funeral of hearts was great video!

I don't know wwhy ville took off shirt in sacrament, cause he What does pantsed mean much hotter in Is ville valo gay, even with all clothes on, and they shouldn't hire bam to do their videos I only said that HIM is just ripping and copying old stuff! They made a lot of covers, but except don't fear the reaper maybe something else, but i can't rememeber nowthey did it only on their concerts Besides Copying is not the same as doing covers which is Sticky panty pics not a of orginality, but oke.

I am guilty myself on that onecopying is not being smart enough to make something up yourselves and then stealing ideas from others

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