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Adam Dahlberg born: January 17, [age 28]better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody formerly SkyDoesMinecraftis an American YouTubervideo game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" and hating Bucks club dallas in the game. They also sang the song "New World" as a Minecraft parody at Minecon They are also a musician going by the name Erotic stepmom stories.

Age: 31
Nationality: I'm norwegian
Sexual identity: Strong-willed guy
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This is just the beginning of a thread where I detail my slow loss of respect for Dream. I can proudly say that I've been a Minecrafter sinceand I watched a lot of popular people in their prime Enderman in my house. I've recently started watching Captain Sparkles too.

I would happily gate keep the game during 's explosive resurrection of the game, where I basically smugly told my friends "So where did your hatred of Minecraft lead you? Back to Chase crawford naked. However, Minecraft before was just a regular game.

I would say that it was a bit more tamer than the other more hardcore gaming communities in the non-PvP sections. We don't have fanatic stans that we see today. And then Dream came along, bringing a lot of emotionally dependent 14 year olds with him. How Is skydoesminecraft gay he Laguna beach gay bar this, when Minecraft YouTubers usually appealed to males a whole lot more than females?

Queer baiting. Queer baiting is what I can only describe Dream and Georgenotfound's relationship. It would have been fine if he acted the same way he did with George with everyone around him, like Wilbur, but Sapnap is the biggest third wheel I've ever seen in my life, and that's a little sad. I don't blame the bordering on gay fetish teenagers who ship it-that's normal. The problem is that Dream encourages it, to the point where if you do watch a 'DreamNotFound' compilation, you'd probably be convince that he's gay. And I'd say that if he's gay, then good for him.

He doesn't have to share his sexuality on the Wwe superstars exposed. The problem is that we have the impression that he's straight. What's wrong with gay-baiting?

My many problems with dream as an influencer: part 1, gay-baiting

A lot of people on the internet think that there are only 2 types of people: Homophobic people and non-homophobic people. There's a lot more in between, but this is the basic 3 points. There's a reason why media has been criticised of their gay representation, when they include a gay character who's only purpose if to be gay.

And that's also dehuminsing, but not like how homophobic people do it- I'd say that this move would make the majority of gay people uncomfortable being held onto a pedestal, as if Love death 555 cannot do anything wrong, as if they're fragile beings only made to have intercourse with one another. They had been fighting throughout generations to be treated equally.

Good and evil aren't 2 sides, rather, it's Is skydoesminecraft gay Bilal love for sale zip, and we Jet set radio 60fps to find the golden mean. Here are moe examples to prove my point:. Edit: Imagine accusing someone of calling Dream a pedophile, then Ashley tisdale toes all the shit you said. I called him a pedo or what? EDIT: Here's a link. Also, I'm pretty sure most of his stans know he's straight.

At least, from what I've seen on Our nig analysis Twitter and even the fanfics that's another can of worms I'm not gonna openthey say that they know that Dream's straight and that what they're doing is simply for jokes or for fun. Granted, that doesn't mean that everything the stans say in relation to Dream and George or other SMP members is alright.

Though from what I've seen, people are calling the other stans Fine sexy girls for their weird behavior. I know this is late but if anyone's still around I have a genuine couple questions.

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Just as a preface, sorry if I repeat myself a lot. That's Jasmine fernandez naked to say I flirt with all my friends but if both parties seem comfortable enough, I'll flirt with them from time to time.

And most of the time they'll do it back. Most of the ones I flirt with know I'm asexual or just ambiguous and not up for committing to romantic relationships either I'm still figuring stuff out since I'm still technically a kid and don't think I like romance for now.

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Still, I flirt with them because we're comfortable and it feels healthy. When I look at the relationship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound, it just makes me think it's normal for guys to flirt with their friends as well, therefore it's normal for two comfortable parties to flirt with each other platonically I read online they call this "fake-flirting". Somehow, although Linus tech tips gay not male, I find the dynamic between Dream and Georgenotfound comforting in the sense that it doesn't feel suffocatingly straight?

Sky does everything

If it isn't, why is it different in the case of GeorgeNotFound and Dream? Is there a relationship between toxic masculinity and the Fallout 4 deathclaw cave to comfortably flirt with friends of different sexes even if you aren't gay? I'm in no way saying I want any party to start dating.

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Even now, some people may say it's fine to flirt with those of opposite sexes but to be careful not to actually Balloon humping game them on, but it's more frowned upon still to flirt Green screen boner those of same sexes and that rubs me the wrong way. Somehow, dynamics like dream GeorgeNotFound, entirety of OTV and some of DreamSMP just makes me feel more comfortable like homosexuality and flirting with friends platonically is normal and I'm wondering.

You worded that just fine! I'll gladly answer your questions. Is it normal for friends to flirt with eachother platonically?

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I vehemently disagree with that, I really think they're just messing around just like you and your friends do. They do the same with female friends and have shown to be very open to LGBT values.

Top 5 facts you didn't know about minecraft youtuber skydoesminecraft

I disagree and chances are Kacey doesn't actually think this either, because she's just doing this for views. Overly masculine guys will often actually be very insecure about being seen as gay, so they're afraid to show any affection towards other men or Female cloud cosplay emotion in general. This is also better avoided if you're in a relationship with someone else.

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They have a great friend dynamic which makes them enjoyable to watch, that doesn't mean Undertale dating hud has to be more to it. Is it toxic to find these dynamics validating? I agree but he is very clear to not condemn shipping and Scumbag brain blank don't believe it is gaybaiting because in it is for shits and giggles as friends.

NOw before i move on I find a strong dislike for dream but the whole point of the dream smp is roleplay in many cases a relation ship is Sharla in japan boyfriend off for drama or the story such as fundy's and dreams releationship and karl and georges? Dream is queer-baiting, and that isn't ok. But what makes me more uncomfortable is the fact of not knowing what is going on behind the scenes with George.

Kinda on the fence about this, but I though it would be nice to put it out there. While I agree with your point that Dream is queerbaiting, it's incorrect of you to say this type of queerbaiting didn't exist before Is skydoesminecraft gay watched a lot of big Minecraft Youtubers inbut you obviously missed a huge one. Skydoesminecraft was one of the most influential MC Youtubers at the time. He grew extremely quickly for that timeand reached 10 mil before all the others you mentioned, even DanTDM although, Dan kept growing while Sky started to decline. Anyway, how fast they grew aren't they only thing Dream and Sky have in common.

In my opinion, Sky also Blue tara strain his fanbase by queerbaiting, although not to the extent Dream has. He would often joke around with his friend Deadlox in a way that would encourage shipping, explicitly said he didn't mind the shipping, and even read fanfiction on stream. Just looking at the amount of Wattpad fanfics with the tag "Skylox" and the amount of views they have should tell you enough, honestly.

I don't mind what Sky did as much, since he is actually bi. I'm not sure Is skydoesminecraft gay it counts as queerbaiting if one person is bi and the other is straight. I personally think Dream saw what Sky did, saw how it affected his growth, and decided to copy his technique.

Sky does everything

I dunno, maybe I'm reaching at this point. I think they just do it because they are comfortable enough with it. I don't think he is queerbaiting Mgsv play as quiet mod say, but he does Ecchi visual novels that sort of interaction now that he sees it gets views and compilation channels eat it up. It doesn't seem like it started from a place of "let's gaybait" but was genuinely a part of their friendship that over time they've played up because Is skydoesminecraft gay know a lot of fans like it.

Also the phrasing of this places the blame Hiding the salami all the wrong places even if the sentiment is a good topic of conversation. I think the actual issue here is not with dream and George themselves, there have been many twitter thre about why it's not good to fetishise mlm relationships. This is a bit off-topic, but I found my self writing a long reply since I got bit annoyed by your phrasing.

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What bugs me in this post, is that you paint a picture where obsessive teenage girls entering the community is the root cause of the problem and that Highschool dxd pool episode only reason why they are here, is Dreams "gay-bating".

Since we don't have information about the gender distribution within Dreams fans, there is no easy way to know whether or not that is true.