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Hostess woman hunt for guy especially for Is mangle a boy or a girl

There are four genders in Fred-land.

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This is already a good proof that LolBit is male and not femalejust because he is not in that night already practically proves his gender. One may Monster girl quest 3 download ask, does Lolbit have a hook? Lolbit is one of Foxy's counterparts not to have an eye-patch, the others being Mangle and its counterparts, Funtime Foxy, and Nightmare Foxy. They excluding Nightmare Foxy all do not have a hook as well.

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This post was also made well before that video. Edit: Thanks for the feature, but this is months old!

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I really should remake this. So I was recently talking to a friend, and found that we disagreed on Mangle's gender. So we compared our evidence, and I found some really good stuff.

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In this post, I will explain why I believe Mangle is a girl, based on evidence that I found. My information sources will be at the bottom of this post.

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If you think that anything Dog fuck teen girl will trigger you, please stop reading now. Let's start with mangle's physical appearance. This is the most controversial part of this, because it's all most people use to support their argument.

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We can see here that mangle has blush like the other toy animatronics. This doesn't mean much, but we can also see that she has lipstick and nail polish. Yes, I hear you thinking. Let's look at the way young children act and behave. These are the children mangle is around. They tried to remake Foxy, ya know? Uh, they thought the first one was too scary, so they redeed him to be more kid-friendly and put him in Kid's Cove.

To keep the toddlers entertained, you know Too young to understand how being transgender or cross dressing works. Arguments of this could be "But Toy Bonnie has Caught boyfriend wearing my clothes, and he's a guy! I'm happy to debate this as well. Well, quite simply, Toy Chica has eyelashes, and she's a girl. While this may Rpg maker giantess seem like much at first, this proves a lot about their gender.

Fnaf theories

Let's compare her body shape to Chica. Not Toy Chica, Classic Chica. Notice how their bodies have the same rounded torso shape, and the underwear shaped Lily rader snapchat. We know for sure that Chica is a girl, so this is a good comparison of details, except that one image is from fnaf world, and one is Postman always rings twice sex scene fnaf 1. Phantom Chica from fnaf world has the same body shape as Chica, which proves the point that the body shape helps prove Mangle's gender.

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Moving on from appearance, let's talk about Foxy and Mangle. Plenty of people assume "Mangle is a boy because Foxy is.

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To explain why, let's talk about biological differences in real foxes. Yes, we're going here. Let's start with looking at these two animatronic foxes.

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People may say "Mangle is really destroyed so we can't see her body. We only need to look at their he. First, let's compare their jaws. As you can see, Foxy's jaw is bigger, and less curved than Mangle's. This is a biological difference between real male and female foxes. Next, let's look in their jaws, at their Mabel goes to wendys.

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While it is a bit tricky to compare, it does look like Foxy's teeth are bigger and slightly wider than Mangle's, another biological difference. Also, there are differences in their behavior. Foxy acts more aggressive than Mangle.

Note how Foxy charges down the Jenna jamison 2016 hall in fnaf 1. Mangle opts to sneak along ceilings through her path in fnaf 2. Once again, biological difference between male and female foxes. So yeah! I hope you didn't get too triggered! This was actually fun to make, now I know how Game Theory feels and maybe I could Kelly lebrock ass more theories if anyone wants me too.

Once again, I'm happy to debate the evidence in the comments respectfully. Thanks for reading, later! I put these two together because they have the same answer. I think the toy animatronics attack because of their ties to Attack on titan movie armored titan criminal database mentioned by the phone guy. You disagree?

Cool, go make your own theory post! You agree? Now get out of my comment section. Okay, the 69 position stories up on mangle is because he is a clown, that would make sense because phone guy said the remade him to be more kid friendly for "toddlers" not just girl toddlers but boy toddlers as well.

And if mangle was a girl then the boy toddlers probably wouldn't play with him.

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But clowns are made for kids, and notice how mangle is mostly white not pink, so the color scheme matches that Teasers pleasers bakersfield a clown. It would also help me if you put your entire argument in one comment instead of replying to yourself over and over. Oh Scott's "Ultimate Custom Night" Family guy ms lockhart episode on Steam that describes the behaviors of most of the animatronics that will be in it, he describes Ft.

Foxy with male pronouns. Not trying to be rude lol. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Is mangle a boy or a girl?

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like Zeigfreid is my boyfriend. I just find out that Mangle is a female. Read 12 more Humiliate my boyfriend. Reply to: Bonnieface It would also help me if you put your entire argument in one comment instead of replying to yourself over and over. Reply to: ASmolWeirdo All of my arguments are in my article, also mangle is a clown, wether it's a girl or boy.

Actually, Ft. Foxy was confirmed to be male, but The Mangle is still unconfirmed. Read one more reply.

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Reply to: Debbie teen galleries True. Or they're just robots with no gender That works too. Reply to: ASmolWeirdo X3 my comment was just ment to be witty. But i guess thats true.

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I just see mangle as Transgender MtF. Into Five Nights At Freddy's? the community. Get App.