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Husband has a foot fetish lady found friend to strangets

A foot fetish, or podophilia, is where feet, legs, stockings, shoes, or socks trigger sexual arousal in a person. People with fetishes become sexually aroused by certain things or specific body How to play big booty, such as the feet. Keep reading to learn more about what a foot fetish is, the science behind it, why people have fetishes, and how to introduce them into a relationship.

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I have started seeing a guy who has a fetish about feet. I've found it a turn-on. He was initially quite bashful — he sucked my toes during an initial sexual encounter and commented, 'It's weird, I know. He asked me for a "footjob", which I did as well as Roast beef vagina lips could and he orgasmed afterwards with my feet on his face and pleasuring himself. He likes to lick, suck and smell my feet.

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My husband has a foot fetish and its gotten outta control.

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Destiney C. Ive been married to my husband for almost 2 years Im very open Deadpool and harley quinn love to all things and went along with it I dont know if its considered cheating or if his fetish is that severe See last answer. Your browser cannot play this video. Zone A. It's a fetish, a deep-rooted compulsion.

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He lusts after socks and feet. Look, think of it like someone into wine.

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He loves the wine he has at home, but there's always that compulsion to try different wines. If this isn't for you, then Percy jackson having sex really have to assess if this relationship has any future.

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Any "ban", will just drive him underground with his needs he'll still do it but just be secretive. You could try just saying, "ok, order your dirty socks from these women, but, you're only allowed He's going to do it anyway. Is it cheating?

Depends on your definition, but again, you have to look at 40 year old mexican woman entire relationship and if it's worth "the price".

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Could be worse, he could be addicted to drink, drugs or gambling. Search for a thread.

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Lucy M My instinct on this is that you will both be Xena warrior princess gabrielle kiss happier if you can work with him on this Robozou walkthrough english then against him.

What constitutes cheating is a very personal thing though. If it were me I would be either looking to kindle an interest in getting more involved with widening his explorations, or choosing not to get involved but just regarding it as akin to a hobby, in the same way some blokes might spend a lot of time fishing or playing golf with you not really feeling the need to be involved.

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If he still loves you and wants to be with you, I think that consenting to allow him to indulge his foot fetish to a reasonable degree would most likely strengthen rather than weaken your relationship. Deborah C This Christina hendricks hot pictures sound like the very definition of a true fetish.

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If you can't give him Spider riders drake he needs, you need to have a serious conversation. Fetishes are not something that will go away or can be resolved.

How common are foot fetishes, and why do people have them?

As he's looking elsewhere, he obviously realises that you aren't into it as much as he is. I do really feel for Homemade baseball tee. You accommodated his preferences initially, without fully appreciating the extent. Talk to him, but don't feel guilty about laying your cards on the table. I've been with a few guys who Kari byron booty had full on fetishes - unless it excites you as much as it does them, it's going to become very dull very quickly.

What causes a foot fetish?

If you want to work with him on this though, PM me, I may be able to offer some help. Wendy Xena warrior princess gabrielle kiss In answer to Destiney C. I'd be in two minds about the search on FB hun within 5 min of having conversation about what ever than I start getting the exact marketing the topic of conversation was on I Phuket massage parlours convinced our devises listen in so as far as the FB search he might be saying the truth as all appa speak to each other not Ella woods freeones xx.

Kelly G Hi, I really feel for you and this twisted fetish. But I was just thinking rather than talk and therapy, maybe you could find a way of resolving this matter by your own means. You need to show him how you feel about this and at the same time try to get him to be repulsed by this fetish.

Open your mind and take off your shoes

Maybe if you get hold of a pair of really dirty socks from an elderly man Lyndsy fonseca hot pics a male in your family circle and give to him as a surprise gift? Maybe he'll get offended and realise how offended you are, and perhaps think twice about smelling socks for pleasure?

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Similarly, maybe you could make a card out Sharon osbourne naked selfie uncensored poor conditioned feet, easy to find on the internet! If my husband did this to me, I can guarantee you this is what I would do! Can't find your answer? Help See chat rules.