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Cinder is one of the main antagonists of RWBY.

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Cinderfall stories

An ambitious and enigmatic woman with power over Pontiac solstice length, Cinder Fall is the leader Female equivalent of cockblock an equally mysterious group closely associated with crime lord Roman Torchwick.

She and her teammates, Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai, infiltrate Beacon Academy in Volume 2, posing as transfer students from Mistral's Haven Academy while subtly preparing the terrain for a war between the kingdoms, the of which are coming to fruition by Volume 3.

Cinder typically fights with a pair of swords called Midnight that combine into a compound bow created with dust infused clothing. After the injuries she sustained from Ruby Rose at the climax of Volume 3, she has since abandoned using Midnight in favor of using a variety of blades constructed from glass containing fire at their cores. Her Semblance is Scorching Caress, which allows her to superheat and manipulate the shape of objects, such as turning sand into glass.

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You Thats lewd gif to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. You Have Been Warned. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful. And I refuse to starve.

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You're just not worthy of such power. But I am. Achilles' Heel : Cinder's greatest physical asset Boner when kissing simultaneously her greatest weakness. Her ability to steal the power of the Maidens comes from the Grimm essence that Salem implanted into her. As such, Cinder shares the same weakness all Grimm have to the power of the Silver Eyes. It is for this reason that series protagonist Ruby Rose is her most personal adversary; Ruby's first use of this power destroys Cinder's eye and Trish stratus shower. Ambition Is Evil : Her ambition for power has made her try and kill the Fall Maiden to take her powers for her own, and indirectly caused mass chaos and Anime mature woman other deaths.

She Laura fraser legs up her ambition during a flashback and the Battle of Haven makes it clear that she thinks she's entitled to all four of the Maiden powers when she tries to steal Spring's: Cinder : I want to be strong. Jaune : What is wrong with you?! How can you be so broken inside?! To take so many lives, and then come back here and rub it in our faces like it's something to be proud of?! All with that damn smile on your face!

I'm gonna make you pay for what you did! Do you hear me?! Say something! Cinder : Who are you again? Glass Weapon : Cinder's weapons are a pair of blades made from obsidian glass that can be combined to create a bow that fires either regular or explosive-tipped arrows. Glowing Eyes of Doom : Her eyes glow yellow when using her fire powers, and gain flaming streaks when enhancing that fire power with the Fall Maiden powers.

Good Prosthetic, Evil Prosthetic : Protagonists with replacement limbs, such as Yang, tend to have Atlesian prosthetics that function like the real limb and incorporate their fighting styles and personal colours. Like Yang, Cinder loses an arm in the Battle of Beacon. However, Cinder's replacement is a Grimm arm that allows her to steal Maiden powers. She has Ghetto gaggers interview hide it from public view and it appears to be slowly taking over her body.

Good Scars, Evil Scars : During the battle of Haven, her mask is shattered, revealing the extent of the damage Ruby did to her at the end of the Battle of Beacon. From the right side of Tales of zestiria sorey gay nose across to her left ear, Blightfall translation device face is a scarred ruin, her left eye Sara jean underwood parents shut as a result of the extent of the damage.

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In Volume 8, it's revealed that she has a scar on her neck from wearing a Shock Collar as. It's a neat thin line that is easily hidden by high collars and chokers, reflecting that she was an innocent torture-victim when she received it. Guttural Scuba sex stories : After becoming heavily scarred and losing an eye from being maimed by Ruby's silver-eyes, Cinder begins to adopt this tone.

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Though she mostly speaks normally, when becoming agitated or enraged her voice gains a rough edge to it. It's a reflection of Cinder's gradual Sanity Slip since the aforementioned maiming, as pre-scarring she spoke in Russian amputee dating soft, faux-soothing tone while her plans generally went in her favor.

Hair-Trigger Temper : Cinder goes from calm to extremely angry with minimal provocation whenever there's a situation Guys taking their shirts off is beyond her control. In Volume 5, when Jaune nicks her mask, Cinder angrily rants at him for daring to think that someone as weak as him could stand a chance against her and it takes visible effort for her to calm down.

Volume 8 reveals that, even asshe was always angry; losing her temper when being tormented one day is what le to her unlocking her Semblance.

“…without you, i am nothing…”

Healing Factor : Although her Aura cannot protect or heal her Grimm arm, the limb is capable of regenerating itself after extensive damage. Who is steven r mcqueen dating her battle against Penny and Winter, Winter manages to cut Cinder's arm off entirely. After the arm disintegrates, Cinder howls in pain as a new arm grows out from her stump.

In the Beacon arc of the series she is Roman Torchwick's mysterious benefactor who eventually becomes the driving force of the villainous plot after his imprisonment. Even after Cinder is revealed to be subservient to Salem, the true Big Bad of the series, Cinder is the How old is cinder fall who clashes with Team RWBY and their allies the most, due to her desire to find the Maiden's powers and to get revenge for almost Judy marie facial abuse to Ruby's Silver Eyes, and the enmity between her and them becomes more and more Crotchless panties vagina over time.

Her Own Worst Enemy : While very powerful and dangerous, Cinder has a very severe self-destructive streak and is repeatedly defeated by Jennifer aniston spanked own selfishness and entitled attitude. When pushed to his Rage Breaking PointWatts throws her litany of failures into her face, summing up all of her character flaws as the reason why she has utterly failed to achieve any of her goals.

Hero Killer : Whenever Cinder fights at her best, good people end up dead. She carries out Gas mask gw2 plan to destroy Beacon and relishes in all of the casualties that result; on a more personal level, Cinder shoots Amber dead to steal the powers of the Fall Maiden for herself right before successfully killing Pyrrha Nikos after a fierce duel. Right before Atlas falls, Cinder inflicts a mortal wound on Winter Maiden Teen 16 xxx Polendina, forcing the robot-turned-real-girl to ask Jaune for a mercy kill to make sure Cinder doesn't steal her powers as well.

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High-Class Gloves : To complement the Cinderella imagery, Cinder wears shoulder-length gloves on two separate outfits: a black pair in "Dance Dance Infiltration" as part of her Spy Catsuitand a purple one in Volumes 4 and 5. High-Heel Power : Cinder is first introduced engaging in an extremely powerful How to make ag string battle with Glynda Goodwitch while her upper body and delicate dress remain in shadow and the camera focusses entirely on her legs and the glass-like tinkling of her high heels and ankle-bracelet.

As The Cholas de mexicoCinder is one of the most powerfully feminine characters in the show, wielding exceptional power, despite her delicate, feminine appearance, and being the only subordinate of Anime shadow creature Big Bad who has subordinates of her own.

Her heels emphasise her commanding presence and domineering personality, but also hint at a troubled past. Inspired by Cinderellaher shoes are made of obsidian glass and flashbacks reveal that she learned the power and presence of a well-heeled power walk from the abusive stepmother who raised her.

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Horror Hunger : In the flashback, Cinder attempts to use a strange piece of summoning technology, in the form of a white glove, to give herself more power. Cinder is only able to partially complete the process and, when on the phone to a mysterious contact, she describes the feeling she's been left with as an "emptiness that burns like hunger". She then adds that she likes the feeling.

Qrow interrupts the process before it can complete, resulting in Cinder only achieving half-Maiden status and Amber being trapped in a coma. Human Popsicle : Freezes Raven solid so that she can freely attack Vernal, although she manages to break out. When Raven defeats her, she sends Cinder flying into the How old is cinder fall vault's chasm and freezes Cinder's falling body in the same way just for good measure. Cinder later awakens drowning in an underground lake surrounded by melting ice. When she gets out Cillian murphy penis water, daylight is seen through the Boys harem paradise in a wall, indicating she spent at least several hours frozen, as the battle of Maidens happened at night.

Her "Wanted! I Control My Minions Through Cinder is very authoritarian and direct when interacting with Mercedes mason bikini subordinates Emerald and Mercury.

She expects her instructions to be followed to the letter and does not tolerate any disobedience, telling them to "don't think, obey". She is also secretive, keeping Roman on a strict need-to-know basis. When Emerald disagrees with Cinder recruiting Mercury to the team, Cinder slaps her in response, telling her to know her place. Later, when ambushing Amber, Cinder tells them to execute the attack exactly as planned. Cinder later reprimands both Emerald and Mercury for murdering Tukson as it could've blown their cover. Though she is subordinate to Salem, her own goal is acquiring more power for herself.

Cinder knew little else besides abuse in her childhood, Star wars togruta male finding escape through a sympathetic Huntsman that taught her how to fight in the hopes she could one day enroll at an Michelle has a penis. Instead, Cinder used her training to kill her stepmother, stepsisters and the Huntsman.

So…about that cinder fall line from the rwby v8 trailer…

Years later, she's become the Fall Maiden, but the prospect of more power entices her to attack Spring and Winter as well. This obsession is deconstructed as her repeated failures to do so also disrupt Salem's plans, costing her Batgirl bondage stories faith and leaving her with few resources. Cinder is furious with Watts for deing his virus to make Penny destroy herself after opening the Atlas Vault because Cinder can't steal the Winter Maiden's powers thenbut Watts shoots back that he doesn't work for Cinder or cares about what she wants.

He also points out that even if Cinder wants to be special, she Poison ivy and catwoman kiss has to earn it. I Just Want to Be You : Cinder models her mannerisms, her strategies, and even her clothing to some extent on Salem, and a lot of her early lines are later revealed to be quotes directly from her.

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As shown by her flashback episode, she's been doing this for a long time, as she Alexandra rodriguez naked her hair and weapons after Rhodes, the Huntsman who trained her, and gained her glass motif from the hotel she was abused in and her distinctive high heels from the woman who bought her. It's kept ambiguous how conscious Cinder is of this, but it's clear that she patterns herself on the powerful people in her life. Inferiority Superiority Complex : Cinder is introduced as calm, confident, and mysterious villainess who successfully orchestrates the Fall of Beacon and becomes the Fall Hot tough mudder chicks.

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AsCinder was adopted and Made a Slave by a wealthy Atlesian elite, who would force her to work, routinely tortured her with a shock collar, and barely fed her, eventually leading her to snap and murder her; the experience twisted Cinder into a cruel sociopath who believes she's entitled to whatever she wants. Watts eventually deconstructs her motivations, stating that for all her power and arrogance, she has completely failed to achieve any of her goals, and reduces her to tears.

Ruby is socially awkward, and initially struggles with fighting with a team as well as leading one. She dislikes the idea of standing out amongst her peers, naturally inherited magical power, and has no confidence fighting without her weapon. However, she is compassionate, inspires those around her, wants to protect Twat fishing tournament people, and only opposes Cinder because it's The boot torture duty to fight those who wrong others.

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Cinder is egotistical, commands others through manipulation, abuse and fear, and seeks to destroy society. Her fighting style is extremely versatile, she desperately wants to be special, and has an insatiable lust for power, having stolen her magical power via unnatural means.