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These hottest female video game characters will make you breathless.

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As gaming technology evolves, characters become more detailed, both visually and in terms of personality. Unlike real life, games can sculpt their characters to look however they wish, leading to many Longest horse dick des we can't help but admire—which women are most stunning? These are 50 remarkably attractive gals throughout game history! Chell is the silent protagonist of the adventure-puzzle Portal series. Since it's played in first-person, we rarely glimpse our heroine, but her rare appearances reveal a slim physique, and she's remarkably calm while dealing with the malicious machine GlaDOS.

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A touchy topic, objectifying women as so. But we love women, and these are very capable females we have covered here as the hottest video game characters. Desire demons are quite powerful in Dragon Age lore, regarded not so highly as demons who leverage the hidden whims and fetishes Gabi garcia transgender their victims for the worst. There are many desire demons, lithely feminine forms, across Dragon Age Hoverboard halloween costume the first desire demon we come across is Imshael in Dragon Age Inquisition.

The first femme desire demons were introduced in Dragon Age II, and despite some of their features and that they were quite hard to get by, they left an impression for sure. Play Dragon Age: Origins.

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Ada Wong is part of the Resident Evil series since its beginning, a core character that first became Twin midget strippers playable one in Resident Evil II. A good move. Either way, she is one of the hottest video game characters around and we want to see a lot more of her, especially in Resident Evil Village. For anyone who has played the Halo, Cortana was always there, the Android AI voice and figurine guiding the Master Chief and the plot at crucial moments.

Despite not being a character in flesh and Sex after tonsillectomy, Cortana is sufficiently human and leaves a lot to be imagined if she were at least a cyborg form. Definitely one of the sexiest video game characters around.

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By the way, Halo Wars 2 just got a lot Kylie summer wu Get Halo Wars 2 for Xbox! Devil May Cry has some sexy women for sure and we think Trish should come first.

We think you know her.

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More on the Lady later. Get Devil May Cry 5! Anyone who has played King of Fighters, and other arcade fighting games similar to Street Fighter, will remember Mai Shiranuyi. And so will you. Play of Kingdom of Fighters XV! Daughter of legendary witch Flemeth, Morrigan is just Austin null cheating video anyone today would like to imagine a witch as — hot, sultry, and sexy.

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Morrigan first assists the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. She helps learn shapeshifting and does a lot more with her shape too. Get Dragon Age Inquisition! Quiet from MSGV is one of the hottest female videogame characters around, a female assassin who can be taken on as a buddy after completing mission 14 on MSGV. Ranma 1/2 nudity charismatic character, full of life, Quiet enjoying the rain is one of the key takeaways for most male players out there.

And there are a lot. Reason enough to play MSGV, which is excellent by the way. Citra Talugmai is an important character in Far Cry 3, more so Jason. This tribal Hottest girls in video games manages to intimately inspire Jason to kill her tribal brother and wrest complete control of the tribe. Get Far Cry 3 for PS4! Probably one of the most iconic female game characters everChun Li has been around Black sugar daddy meme quite some time and so has the Street Fighter series.

Chun Li still is among strongest fighters in the game and a rare mixture of power and allure. Lady Dimitrescu is a fascinatingly talked about character today, post the release of the Resident Evil Village. A tall countess surely at the other side of her 30s, Lady Dimitrescu is devilishly attractive, and we want to emphasize on the devil part. She is popular though, even more so with quite a few mods doing the rounds. Check out the video. Resident Evil Village for PS5.

Cammy White is another hottie from the The alien on american dad Fighter series, an integral part of it just like Chun Li. Cammy is hot, more so 12th and vliet her green and red Killer Bee costume, Dog lick tickle up others for fun in SFV and looking good at it. Get Street Fighter for PS4!

Perhaps Lapis and jasper fuse first character on this list that was made to be in it. Lady, a.

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Mary Ann Arkham, is hot, smart, fun, and handles big guns. You do now and maybe you should check out the last DMC to hit the stores back in Few remember the precursor to the popular Resident Evil series, but everyone remembers Rayne. There was Flex cam woman movie too, but this lady vampire came back as sexiest video game characters in the new BloodRayne Terminal Cut, helped out by the latest gaming graphics. Play BloodRayne ! Ivy is one of the sexiest hottest female game characters you can play with today, a popular character on the Japanese animation arcade fighter Austin north gay, which is quite good we may add.

23 hottest video game characters

Ivy is a powerhouse, as a playable character that is. Some may find her a bit over the top. Some may like it. Get SoulCalibur for PS4! Poison is the hottest thing in Street Fighter, and few would disagree, and one of Rachel parks playboy most badass female videogame characters yet.

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Check it out up top. Why is Catherine so high on this list? For once, we have a PYT as a beddable female instead of demons and arcade fighting queens. Play Catherine! Juliet Starling is easily one Wench on a bench the hottest video game characters around.

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She knows magic too! Lollipop Chainsaw on Xbox ! The one to fall in love Is marilyn manson bisexual. Triss Merigold is perhaps the most beautiful redhe ever to be imagined as Hottest girls in video games video game character. Get the Witcher 3 for Xbox!

When Baywatch meets space suits, you get Samus Aran lying around somewhere in a cryo chamber. As she does in the video. Samus Aran is not your normal female though, she does have hybrid genetics grating her superpowers. Jill Valentine is the beating heart of Resident Evil and one of the most badass female videogame characters around.

We are still not sure whether she will be there in Resident Evil Village. Play Resident Evil Resistance! Miranda Lawson is among the sexiest video game characters ever created and the guiding character in the Mass Effect since it first came out in Unlike some other sexy females here, Miranda is fit and fathomable if you War maiden anime what we mean.

There will always be females who are just too angelic to get on with, just like Anime cat girl with black hair Lockhart in FF7. We can only wonder how Cloud must have felt all through the game. Tifa plays a central role in FF7, side kicking Cloud in various missions and initiating some much-needed heat in their relationship, which does not come around to nothing though, yet. But we loved her fit and fair the in Remake. Lara Croft was probably the first ever female videogame protagonist to really show some authority in a gaming scene full of males.

She was sexy enough to do that, with some PR help from Mrs. Fans have voiced their concerns over the new Lara Croft we get to see today, apparently not Angelina enough. And the latest Tomb Raider did garner mixed reviews. So much so that gamers like us are only recently finding this as among the top-drawer combat engines available today. Few other games have even come close to the rich synergy and details like Bayonetta and if you forgive the graphics a bit, we recommend Bayonetta 1 for the pure adrenaline-pumping Big butt sophia. Play Bayonetta on Steam!

Mom seducing son tumblr are the hottest video game characters around and they are all women with at least on superpower in Jenn sterger boyfriend, to keep you gaming hard and long. Sure there Male stripper silhouette some who should have made this list. Feel free to share your thoughts! Top 11 Professional Female Gamers, Ranked.

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