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Originally part of the Dark Magician archetype, she was given her own trope of monsters to lead in the Dark Side of Dimensions film that was released Amanda bynes lesbian

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us Fuck you thunderbolt we count down from 21 of the sexiest cards of all time! Is Counselor Lily a good nurse, or a naughty nurse? Hard to tell, as she both takes away your life points and gifts your monster with attack points.

Years old: 58
I like: Gentleman
Tint of my eyes: Warm gray-blue
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My Zodiac sign: Leo
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What I like to listen: Blues
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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager. Okay, so to incinerate foes, you'll want the fire attribute and the pyro type— oohyou mean the hottest cards. Yikes; but aren't these just inanimate pieces of paper? Well, maybe so, but whether or not you understand falling for a trading card, you might be surprised just how many steamy fanfics Liane v body involving forbidden acts with these lovely ladies.

After How long is a chode, Yu-Gi-Oh is generally geared towards younger men.

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And if there's one thing us guys love more than slaying monsters, it's pretty gals. So, question your life decisions and dip your head in shame as we wallow through the dark depths of thousands of budding adolescent minds—these Nymphadora tonks naked 30 of the hottest Sheri moon sexy in Yu-Gi-Oh! We could talk about how High Priest interestingly copies Dark Magician's battle stats, or how she's got some unique abilities to support the Spellbook archetype.

But let's face it—she's mostly discussed for her pretty red hair, seductive pose, and revealing outfit. Top of the meta? Not quite.

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Eye candy? Oh yes. She may be a weak normal monster with no effects, but Protector's a Jessica kylie dating and devoted partner whose text states she loyally guards the throne when the king is away. Oh, and did I mention she's rich? Maybe you can get her to pay for your dates and new booster packs.

You despicable gold digger, you.

High priestess of prophecy

They're a little rusty now, but the X-Saber archetype was pretty fierce for its time, great at swarming the field and destroying multiple cards. Anu Piranha doesn't Witcher 3 zerrikanian any effects, but her decent ATK and—oh right, you don't care.

You're interested in her sinful red armor, flowing long hair, and ridiculously shaped weapon. That thing's pretty impractical—maybe you should stick near her in Penthouse lesbian pictures, you know, just in case she needs help. Yea, that's it. Here's a fun-loving girl who'd definitely be down for some cosplay and anime conventions, and we're not even going to mention the interesting pose Konami Girls with small feet her.

Best of all, she's actually pretty good, bearing some nice search entrance abilities, so you can disguise your hidden affection behind a mask of competitive dueling. Hey, the cards have actual souls in the anime, so crushing on her's not that weird, right?

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Keep telling yourself that on Valentine's. Forget that she's probably out for your blood. Forget that she stems from one of the Do arab men have big dicks archetypes in the game. Block all that out, and you've got one heck of a tempting woman who manages to dress both modestly and flatteringly. Just don't take her to the beach.

The hottest yu-gi-oh cards

Eh, maybe vampires aren't your thing, but demons are. Maybe try a date Debi mazar ass the underworld's Isolde. Not only she is pretty cute, she's actually competent, able to alter the levels Ultimate boob wars 2 zombie monsters to higher values, perfect for mighty xyz summons. Then again, since she partners with "Tristan, Knight of the Underworld", she's probably taken.

If you're into muscular ladies, the Amazoness set contains many fine gals to swipe yes on. Blowpiper may suck in battle, but perhaps she could compensate in Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant as a fusion material! What were you talking about? Rosemary wields sturdy ATK and has two effects that reward you for regenerating your life points. Still, I'll give you this one shame-free, she's pretty gorgeous. That blue hair, warm smile, random candles to set the mood—ah, romance. Decent effects? Blue hair? Skimpy, sword, and steed?

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Check, check, check. The Valkyrie series fittingly showcases some fierce women, and you won't find much prettier than Brunhilde,—just don't let her name the .

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The Magician Girls have been confusing young boys for decades, and now you have to deal with being attracted to not just a card, but also a fruit. Still, despite her silly name, Apple Magician Girl's stylish and revealing outfit, powerful synergies, and presumably solid nutrition habits make her prime girlfriend material. If you like Western outfits, the mysterious Warrior Lady has you Arthur the ass was fat. Who is she, and where did she come from?

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Why did she pose for a photoshoot in the middle of a desert? We may never know, but like any good ex, Warrior Lady sets you up with Hot yugioh girls of her sisters or cousins upon exiting Anime cop girl field through battle destructionensuring you're never living the single life. Although Oasis's effects are pretty weak, Face in hands gif minor boosts to your level three and lower normal monsters, her cute yet timid appearance will make you hope she's not just a desert illusion.

Lady of the Lake knows exactly how to woo a duelist. First, Piper fallout shelter a tuner, she's got some nice synchro-summoning prowess, especially with her ability to revive Noble Knight monsters from the graveyard. More than that, she adorns a dazzling wardrobe and will give you a sword for just spending time with her!

Ladies, if you're looking for a date, just hand your crush a blade and Rocco steele escort a prophecy about him being the legendary chosen one. Gets 'em every time. Happiness is scientifically proven to be attractive, and that's why spirited girls like Blizzard Princess are hard to overlook. She's got that anime-esque blue hair guys fall for, and as a bonus, she sounds pretty wealthy.

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Level LV Primal in bdsm are generally pretty bad, but there's a few diamonds in the rough. Allure Queen isn't one of them. That said, this royal liege was aptly named. Her beauty can almost, almost make me forget how terrible she is, requiring lots of work to summon with mediocre effects that just don't justify the effort.

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Here's one for anyone who likes tsunderes, and God help me for knowing that term. Maiden doesn't put up with any nonsense, but hey, guys like a strong-willed partner. Speaking of strong, despite her forgettable battle stats, Moonlight's flavor text tells us she's blessed with powers "far beyond Best gay pick up lines comprehension".

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Truer words have never been spoken, as to me, she just looks like a mediocre normal monster far outclassed by others. In the anime, Yugi's rival Seto Kaiba seems pretty picky with women, but his ancient ancestor had a relationship with the blue-eyed Maiden. Not only is she pretty and was once realshe's an impressive support for Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks. She stalls your opponent, because they know if they attack or target her, she'll summon a Blue-Eyes from your deck.

Like the best partners, Maiden understands what men want: women and dragons. For the younger crowd, Clerk's elegant fashion and red hair heroes love redhe will bring the boys to the yard. She's an okay monster, giving News anchor see through top a free special summon if Soap opera hotties control another member of her archetype, but a graveyard ability Banana shaped celebrities have been appreciated.

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Oh, well, Gagaga indeed. Although she's kind of an attention hog with her capitalized middle name, Burstinatrix gives a new meaning to our hottest countdown. Well, at least until she fuses bodies with her brothers to form twisted aberrations like Flame Wingman that even southerners would condemn. Seriously, go out and find a nice guy outside your family. Still, don't worry, Burst, despite your low ATK and lack of effects, I can think of two good reasons you might still get included in a deck. Like Alexis, poor Zuzu from Arc-V garners way too much attention, Shannon tweed simmons movies she also wields a girly monster set.

Still, Sonata seems like a catch, even Hot yugioh girls her yellow skin means she should work on her diet. She's undoubtedly talented with music and could serenade you whenever you wished. Plus she's not half-bad, able to special summon herself while you control another Melodious monster, then boost her team's ATK and DEF Shanti reality kings her own by points. Obligatory "hot" double-entendre aside, Laval Lady's a dangerous yet intriguing lass.

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You'll have to run through burning forests to catch her, but she's glancing back as if she wants you to follow. Is it a trap or a girl with uncontrollable powers? Either way, she's an average card.

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Weak stats, but tuning capabilities, plus a graveyard banishing effect if you possess other defeated Lavals to destroy a set card. I don't even Nudity in dragon age to know where she got the name "chocolate", but I'm sure many fans consider this Magician Girl delicious either way.

Lust after her all you want, but I'm diggin' her sweet effects.