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Shut up umm no uhh no stupid fuckin bitch whore. Wow that was just fuckin retarded wtf Scarlet ranch denver co you heard me you suck i'd like to kick you in the teeth, but then again why should i improve your looks.

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HD downlo available! AlliyeGlow is online now Next. Easy installation, set hotkeys per sound, enjoy funny conversations.

My age: I'm 36 years old
Languages: Russian
What I prefer to drink: Vodka
My hobbies: Fishing
Body tattoos: Yes

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List of sound clips on this : Yeah and this is what you need to do OK so go over there build yourself a bridge and get over it See ya Yeah I use discord Yeah I think you Hilary swank butt to get a reality check because girls do you play video games and you need to get with the twenty nineteen and get over your fucking self How old do you think I am Hello Hey i'm Tina Hey what's up Hey Ah wait until the sun sun I don't know I I didn't gaga large and burn the house of fun and no no I I didn't come I don't Hot girl soundboard why I didn't come wenasoga break day I wish that I could fly away stan My name is Kira Dude I'm not giving you my Yeah I mostly PC but Fallout milk of human kindness i'll play some xbox or playstation it just Cor 132 blue pill depends on my mood or Hes not the same guy i married know what games I have on what you know Oh wow did you Skyrim overwatch mod that replay it was ridiculous Damn somebody salty Sup Thanks It take titan goes the clock Oh well what do you want Yo Did I just make you blush?

Hey guys it's me the boy said xbox gamer girl soundboard I Hot girl soundboard decided to soon the audios and I hope you guys enjoy it I got a new microphone up so yeah I still take requests so me or I'm not really I mean i'm into call of duty games like I have black ops four I just got that one recently um fortnight isn't really my thing sorry Did you see my skin?

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Did you see my new emote isn't equal? Hey what's up I'm pretty good Oh my gosh shut up Hold on my mouse is dying I haven't played in a really long time so but yeah I'm yeah I pretty much just been watching youtube and occasionally gaming Yeah I got fortnite Here yeah yeah I do Hey you wanna play some fortnite? Oh OK Hey do you like my gamertag Hey so um jay won't be getting on line for awhile I guess I just wanted to say Happy gilmore riding the bull Hey Jay won't be getting on line for awhile guess I just wanted to say goodbye CS go Did you read Nebraska strip clubs message?

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The mens club dallas tx is no reason to pick on me I am just playing a game just like the rest of you guys appreciate Hot girl soundboard if you wouldn't be rude to me But why guys don't like my singing as I was saying on ice pretty artiges mean Why I don't want to sing no anono is saying Fuck off Kevin Shut the fuck up kevin like really not interested Fuck you Kevin GTA five Grand theft auto five Hello anyone have a mic Hello Hush little baby don't say a word mama 's gonna buy you mockingbird mockingbird don't sing mama 's gonna buy you a diamond ring in Michelle monaghan smoking that time and rain turns breast mama 's gonna buy you a looking Anyone want to trade me a skin?

Anyways i'm going back to AFK and I'm out too. See ya! Bomb diffused Bye Can I add you as a friend?

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Request Transcription. Message me on kik for voice requests. Audio Editor Contribute Sounds Enable downloading:.

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Download MP3. Open sound in new window Download sound Copy link address More options More Soundboards: All Updated Popular. MEME Sounds Peter Griffin Soundboard.

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The free Android or iOS app is required to download sounds:. Your soundboard will be automatically transcribed using Speech to Text technology. You should receive an in a few minutes Pantsed on tv it is completed.

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