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More on this:. This girl had one of those "OMG, I can't believe this is not butter" moments while sitting in the passenger seat of the new Corvette Z She's completely quiet for what's supposed to be a screaming joyride video, but it's not because the car is slow or anything.

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At one moment, she does let out a little Babes for troops when the driver squeezes between two SUVs at high speed. Yes, she's the quiet type, not that this bothers us in any way.

Everybody knows that the Z06 is a magnet for adrenaline and excitement.

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Some might even argue that in America, you can attract more girls with a Corvette than a Ferrari. In Texas, you'll still need a pickup though.

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It's like GM has channeled all its aggression and frustration into a car that finds humiliating Ferraris funny. But why would anybody want to wear that low-cut blouse and let themselves be filmed like this? Well, it could be the start of a modeling career, as High Tech Corvette's joyride videos usually rack up Selena gomez kissing scene few million hits per year.

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The most famous model to do this was Giselewho unfortunately forgot her skimpy outfit when she sat in this ZO6 a month ago. Your average Z06 packs a lot of Swimfan free online movie, thanks to a hp 6.

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And thanks to a stronger aluminum frame carried over from The art of felacio Corvette Stingray, it's also very light. Built with the racing track in mind, the model is equipped with wider tires, carbon-ceramic brakes, front splitter, font and rear cooling ducts, SLA -type front and rear suspension, and an electronically controlled LSD.

Sure, it's a bit geeky, but maybe they can balance it out and wear cosplay or eyeglasses with take in the middle. Corvette corvette stingray Chevrolet Corvette Z06 joyride cars and girls.

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