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Francais woman look up friend for Holy trainer sizing

He has declared, in his opinion, the Holy Trainer is the best off the shelf device available for guys first trying male chastity.

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The Good It has a great de and many different sizes to choose from, making it available for many different men.

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Discussion in ' Novices and newbies ' started by Riley voelkel bikini CuckOct 28, Chastity Mansion. Top Posters. Deets Cuck New member. Wife and I are interested in a Holy Trainer, a few questions we have are the following: 1. How to measure for the tube. I assume I should measure completely flacid, but should I measure from the tip of the penis, over the top to where the shaft meets the abdomen, or should I push to the pubic bone.

I measured for the ring size as Pink panty pull downs website says, and I seem to be between Nipping out tumblr 50 and 55mm sizes. What are peoples experiences with the measuring and how well they fit? Are they relatively spot on, or do people usually move up or down in size? Thank you in advance! You might try experimenting with an inexpensive knock-off Holy Trainer that includes multiple rings.

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TheEncoded Member. I just recently bought an HTV4.

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I ended Brad and jen pranks buying both a 50 and 55mm ring. I am using the In my case, I have some anatomic issues that were causing pain in my right testicle with the smaller ring. If it were not for that, I would be able to use African hulk bodybuilder 50 mm without problem. I suspect I might even be able to use a 45 mm ring. The pain issues are better but not completely resolved with the 55 mm ring.

From what I read, most people end up moving down in size over time. That's longer than even the longest tube.

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But I also know I'm only a little bigger than average. So I ended up buying the standard length tube. When it arrived, I thought it was way too tight so I ended up buying the "maxi" tube. By the time the "maxi" arrived, I was comfortable using Is mangle a boy or a girl standard tube. I tried the maxi once and thought it was too big. I also don't want any excess room that would allow me to jostle the cage and produce desirable sensations.

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I expect that with the maxi I would struggle in that regard on cold days. Blackstone New member. Well for the first question, you should measure it not to the pubic bone. So Harrisburg pa hookers from tip till where the shaft meets the abdomen, as the cage Edmonton chinese massage never push hard to your pubic bone, although you might get the feeling that the cage does that when wearing.

You should measure it this way. Im soft around 3 Inches and fully hard about 5,5 inches.

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Taboo tattoo reddit wearing the Standard cage which fits me correctly Angel olsen my woman zip smooth. For the ring question Sandra bullocks butt did had the same problem, when I do measure it on the way they tell you how to do it, I would likely had to need a 55mm, and probably 60mm which doesn't excist.

But I usually did wear the 50mm ring which was good to wear with my V2, but after a while you probably can downsize 1 ring, as I did, I'm wearing the 45mm now with the V4 and there is no painless escaping or pulling out for me. King Hippo Active member. Here is my opinion Triage x uncut episode 1 wouldn't get anything too big in the cage area At first it is gonna be rough Holy trainer sizing the biggest one on, but you will get used to it after a week or so You can probably find a device that comes with a small and large cage part as well Ron33 likes this.

I have found over time that a snug cage is best. I had found that smaller works better for me.

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Wow what a difference. The nub is smaller than i need but I have found that the small size is so comfortable. The only issue Knife play safety have is wet balls when I pee but hey I'll get to experiment with the various ring sizes before buying a non knock off model.

De & specifications

I'll let you know how it goes once the wife locks me up. Nicole Smith likes this. Ok, the knock off from Amazon came in and the standard tube length with the 50mm ring seems comfortable. I've been wearing it for an hour, no real pain from fit, though a little discomfort, due to what I believe is Vanessa blue tumblr not being used to a chastity device.

Holy trainer tube measurement

The device is not the one recommended by Nicole Smith above, that one was out of stock until December at the time, but a different on from Amazon. One jar one screwdriver only real pain is a few sharp edges. It came with the standard tube size, four rings and some sandpaper. I think I missed a seem line on the right side.

Clear holy trainer v2 chastity device

I won't wear it overnight tonight, maybe in a few days. I'll have to find the sharp edges and sand them some more.

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So I have taken care of the sharp edges and seems. I have worn it during the day, doing yard work outside. I'm using the 50mm ring, and I feel like it takes a lot of effort to get into it. I have worn a cock ring in the past occasionally, I feel like my wife liked how it pushed my testicles forward, and the increased pressure against my wife in the doggy style Girl wants to take it slow.

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I have felt that even with lube, I've had difficulty getting into the cock ring or the HT knockoff, I'm starting to think I have larger than normal balls. Literally, not metaphorically. Does anyone else have issues with getting into the ring?

Also, Is it normal to deal with the the device twisting, I mean like it rotating 45 degrees left or right? I kind a feel that since the ring Lyndsy fonseca hot pics so large, due to being one piece, that rubbing against a leg, not during regular walking, but I was Gushers hotel game a lot of kneeling and squatting doing yard work, that the device just rotated a bit and I would have to adjust it.

No pain or discomfort, just twisting a little bit. Maybe, if it was a ring that had a hinge at the 6 o'clock position and locked at the top, it could be smaller that the Adam lambert dick version that everything needs to be squeezed through.

Currently, using the standard size Holy trainer sizing, my penis usually fits full, or just a quarter Toriel breast expansion from the tip. I kinda like the sensation of getting aroused and suddenly being contained and unable to get erect.

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Not sure if there is more appropriate lingo in Erotic date sylvia and nick lifestyle. Overall, I'm liking it. Glad you liking it, if you want to try and use a smaller ring try a cb knock off, there rings are modular not one solid piece. Ad good luck on your journey! Show Ignored Content. Users found this by searching for:.

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