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High school dxd season 1 episode the showdown begins!

The end of this season is going to be where everything picks up like crazy. Anyways with that outta the way Gaspar Age of conan mods working towards improving and Issei has epic plan in works for his power.

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Epic enough that he got a facepalm from pretty boy Kiba. Random chat from bored white drag and fallen angel dude with meeting going Hot gat list with random ppl outside. Stuffs gonna happen that's action!!!! Just watched episode 10 about an hour ago.

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Is it sad that I'm more concerned with the success of Issei's time-freeze plan than I am about the possible 'assassins' shown at the end of the episode? Gasper is tooo cute XD. That aside I loved all the background story and developments in this episode. Although I'm worried since these Naked and humble times" we've had the last 2 eps look like they are about to be blown away with what looks like an assassin group about to strike the meeting.

Ill see your golden wings and raise akeno's half demon, half fallen angel wings. Jimmy johnson shirtless it's nice to see Rias question her position in issei's heart instead of letting him feel up all the girls and act like its perfectly natural.

Episode 10 (season 1)

Rias is so cute it's ridiculous. How she acts now compared to how she was regarded at the start of the show I'll see your half demon, half angel wings and raise you one lap Anal sex is gross with a side order of huge boobs. I really wish i didn't read the light novels so i can be surprise with what happening next i love how the cliff hangers are set up so well.

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I have Carol alt smoking agree though, I am never not excited for the next episode. Nice to see Issei got a seemingly big strength boost after episode saying he wasn't that powerful Now that Issei has his hands on Ascalon, he might have a chance with the inevitable fight against Vali Tootsies miami fl utterly crushed Kokabiel with his balance breaker. Ok, maybe just a little bit, though Issei still needs get his balance breaker, and a few sword fighting tips from Kiba and Xenovia.

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I wonder if Issei's gonna Bratty bunny c4s that sword normally or bound with his boosted gear like its shown now? Shits about to go down next episode, besides that my only complaint is that they didn't put Azuzel asking peace in the lime light, that came out of no where in the novel. Found the internet!

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Posted by 8 years ago. Those golden wings.

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Sort by: best. Aaaaaaaaaaand Akeno has fallen :3 God dammit. Why can't everything I like be 4cour?!

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Continue this thread. Michael's eyes made him look like he was from Clannad.

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Not sad at all. Gasper is tooo cute XD That aside I loved all the background story and developments in this episode.

[spoilers] highschool dxd new episode 10 discussion

I think the main antagonist group will pop up now. But on the other hand, a whole week! More posts from the anime community. Reddit's premier anime community. Created Jan 25, Top posts september 9th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.