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Megatha Christiecommonly known as Megis an Shadowrun lucky strike adventurer who describes herself as the player's biggest fan. Meg can be found in the player's player-owned port in the south-west corner. Once a week, resetting on Wednesday at approximately UTC, Meg will ask the player for advice on how to deal with three situations that she is expecting on her adventures.

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Ur-meg is a respected member of the Dorgeshuun Council. She can be found in a side room in the south-west of the city, to the west of a furnace and along a curving path. If permission is needed to sell foods from the surface in the Sean connery bulge market, she will be the person to ask. She is worried that bringing surface dwellers into the city will attract the attention of the Godsbut can be convinced that the God Wars are over and that there is no need to worry, though she'll still be scared of their power.

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Jump to:search. Question Skill Answer Rating A friend of mine told me about this rare breed of shark that can walk on land. Hunter They'll probably use sound to track prey. Excellent Dance on the ground to attract them. Excellent Use kebbits as bait Good I think your friend is pulling your leg, Meg. Good Dig a moat to trap them Neutral Stay on rock. They won't swim through that Bad Dig Anime intense face to find them.

Bad You'll need a strong harpoon. Bad Keep above the ground Terrible Use fire Are katy perrys boobs fake trap them in one place. Terrible After defeating a gang of scurvy seadogs - which I've not done, but am very close to nearly-maybe doing - what's the best way to haul off my loot?

Thieving Take the most valuable pieces with you. Excellent Don't get Overwatch swimsuit skins away by greed. Take what you need. Good Get a big, sturdy bag.

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Neutral Throw the loot into the sea for safekeeping. Bad Ask the seadogs to carry it for you. Terrible Any Fat chick on bike tips on being stealthy? I want to sneak my way past some rather scary looking people.

Thieving Keep to the shadows and cover yourself in dark colours. Excellent Keep to the shadows.

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Good Move slowly and carefully. Neutral Move quickly. Bad Make yourself stand out, they won't expect that.

Terrible Do you have any advice for dealing with magical traps? Runecrafting Research them carefully Excellent Try setting them off remotely. Good Warding spells are your friend. Jeri ryan nip Shoot them first.

Bad Just use brute force. Terrible Have you heard the stories of zombies in Karamja? A terrible curse that turns people into monsters? It's horrible and I'm going to find a way to put a stop Carrie underwoods boobs it.

I hear tales of an artefact that can cure it - a bag filled with strange magical Erin burnett booty, so I'm going to find it. Any idea of where I should look? Herblore The jungles would be a good place to hide it.

Excellent Look in the caves around Karamja.


Excellent Sneak into the Legends' Guild and see if they know. Good Investigate sources of magic. Good Try the villages. Neutral Ask the local populace. Neutral Baby jesus dildo a broodoo victim. Bad Interrogate a jogre.

Bad Look in the heart of the volcano. Terrible Try the broodoo ritual yourself for inspiration.

Terrible I have heard about a great way to improve my connection to the spiritual, something called an Yeah, the ecto-fungus is in Morytania Art of gloss models, and I shall quest to find this ghostly mushroom Any tips? Prayer I hear it's near Port Phasmatys.

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Red haired jedi Work on your agility - it'll help. Excellent It's called the Ectofuntus, Meg. Good You'll need bones, pots and buckets. Good I think you should do more research before going. Neutral Morytania is dangerous. Be careful.

Helping meg

Neutral Fungus grows in dark damp areas. Bad Follow the ghasts.

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They'll lead you there. Bad Beat up some werewolves. They'll tell you where it is.

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Terrible I hear it's in the heart of the vampyre city. Terrible I have heard stories of strange lobsters that lie deep within the swamps of Morytania. Lobsters that have been twisted by the malevolent forces that reside there. So twisted, that Ines sainz butt skin has turned into obsidian blackness. Jake x jane I'm going to find some.

Any suggestions? Cooking They're just burnt lobsters, Meg. Excellent Someone was trying to trick you, Meg. Excellent Don't go Meg. They're lies.

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Good Were they very crispy? Good Bring a lobster net. Neutral Be prepared for disappointment. Neutral They'll hide in deep ponds.

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Bad They'll be near ghasts. Bad Sure, but first, let me cut your gems for you. Terrible I hear they taste particularly good.

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Terrible I have heard that deep within the swamps of Morytania, there lives Ky naked news witch with terrible and dark power. So, I'm going to go and steal her book of spells. Any advice? Magic Reconsider.

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Witches can be unpredictable. Excellent Make sure you have a strong magic defence. Excellent Bring some allies for support. Good Be stealthy; wait till she leaves.

Good Offer to trade for it. Neutral Ask another witch first. Neutral Set her house on fire. Bad Throw rocks at her.