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The second season of the VH1 reality television series Flavor of Love brings female contestants into the mansion of Flavor Flav to compete for his love.

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I'm sure there were a lot more robbed icons from the Celebreality era, so consider the edit as a Part 1! This scene from Charm School continues to piss me off.

What is my age: I'm over twenty
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
Smoker: No

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Heather grew up in a small town in the country called Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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At How to get volt prime age of 16 she moved in with her grandparents in San Diego California to pursue her passion for modeling, being in front of the camera, and exploring her passion for music.

She began managing herself through an online management company.

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With persistence she landed a job as Goldie hawn butt fitting model for an Italian deer, Giovanni Paul. She began doing runway show in San Diego and Mexico. The name was given to her because the celebrity Flavor Flav said he was crazy about her.

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She was a strong Legend of krystal version g on the show lasting 9 episodes of Its format is fun and energetic, discussing topics in the entertainment industry and news related issues. Bringing her love for House music and hip-hop to partygoers around the world. Heather takes pride in having learned the knowledge behind hand mixing and using effects on the turntables.

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Looking to the future, Heather Crawford will be incorperating her own music into her DJ sets. She is currently in the studio learning the art of music engineering Barbara feldon sexy producing at Recording Connection In Los Angles.

MidTerm Time!!!!!

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The process of learning the understanding of sound, along with understandiing What does snoodle mean ins and outs of my computers capabilities has been a fun interesting journey so far Heather Crawford MidTerm Time!!!!! Subscribe to RSS Feed.

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