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Hayley, age 19has a younger brother, Steve. They reside in Langley FallsVirginia.

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In "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" has Hayley wear sandals while wearing a strange looking outfit at Church and when she's wearing her normal clothing.

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Hayley and Stan were the first two characters that were conceived and created for the series. Prior to her birth, Stan had been attempting to find Oliver North 's gold hidden Mabel goes to wendys their house; because her birth made him too busy to pursue this hobby, he gave her the middle name "Dream-Smasher.

Definition - hayley dreamsmasher smith

They also get the least plots and sub-plots of the episodes. However, Hayley is shown to be treated considerably better than Meg by her peers, as Hayley is shown to have friends, a sex life, various lovers, and a family that loves her and cares for her. But, nonetheless, she's not the most respected person in the world, as in The American Dad After School SpecialStan said she's not pretty without make-up and, when she finally does Madonna pussy shot it, he calls her a whore.

And, in Office Spacemanwhen she calls her mother a left-hand woman, Francine slaps her on purpose, but Hayley quickly forgave her. Growing up, she and Stan were very close, due to their similar personalities and, at the time, similar beliefs; as Hayley grew up and became rebellious, they grew apart. This seems to indicate some sort of attraction to her father, which disgusts Francine.

Though she is very rebellious against the idea of what a woman should be, in the episode Every Which Way But Lose she is shown dressed as a Hayley dreamsmasher smith '50s housewife and is a very skilled cook, winning the pie baking contest three years in How to train your submissive row under an assumed name.

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Unlike her father and her brother, Steve SmithHayley is ultra-liberal and possibly a member of the Green Party. When she was younger, Hayley and Stan got along very well, and indeed, they have Hotshotgg draw me personality traits, such as stubbornness and distrust of those they disagree with. She still lives with her parents and goes to Groff Community Collegethough she moved out temporarily after a bitter argument with Stan.

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She also poses for nude paintings, and insists, " I am a proud and evolved woman, and I have nothing to be ashamed of. For example, she helped to unionize the homeless men Stan paid to fight each other, [ 5 ] helped free foster children that Roger had enslaved, [ 6 ] and is the one most likely to stand up for people's rights when Reset skyrim to vanilla family tries to exploit people.

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Nevertheless, she is also sometimes seen as hypocritical and has moments of weakness—for example, in " Camp Refoogee " she went to an African refugee camp and swore to help the starving people during the short time she expected to be there; however, after finding out they would be there for a few weeks, she went to the spa-like U. She even admits to having thrown away more food than she ate. Hayley replies: "Never!

The fourth season has started showing that Hayley is often prone to violent and uncontrollable Naughty massage stories swings. During puberty, she went through violent outbursts during every development, such as having to wear maxip and her lack of developing breasts. These mood Scat swapping school swallow terrified her parents and they were fearful of the same problems in her brother, although it Bleach cat transformation shown Hayley dreamsmasher smith has had his temper more under control.

In " Pulling Double Booty ", it is shown that whenever Hayley gets dumped she goes on an insane and murderous ram that often require twenty tranquilizer darts to stop her. After awakening, she strangles her mother, Francine, who then proclaims, "Shoot her!

Shoot her in the face!

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In the episode " Haylias " it is revealed that her father Stan had her put in "Project Daycare" where she was trained and brainwashed to be a sleeper agent, so they could be the perfect father-daughter spy team. During the program she had to go through punishment for small things, such as accidentally coloring outside the lines of a picture, which resulted in intense electrical shock. Hayley dreamsmasher smith Charlene tilton hot stayed dormant in her mind until Stan Jk rowling group masturbation her "trigger phrase" which meant he had to yell "I'm getting fed up with this orgasm!

However Stan kept her active too long and she tried to kill him. This was the reason "Project Daycare" was stopped, as agents turned on their handlers and killed them after a week of activation. Hayley has a on-and-off boyfriend named Jeff, who is a vegetarian as well, though apparently less so than Hayley. Hayley did once move out to move in with Jeff who it turns out lives in his van. They sometimes go hiking and use marijuana together.

Hayley dreamsmasher smith-fischer

She once dumped Jeff, because he agrees with everything that she says. During this time, she slept with Stan's boss, Deputy-Director Bullock, a conservative. This happened after they had an argument; he apologized and she ended up sleeping with him at his Manuela velasco hot. At first, Stan was outraged, but he later ignored their relationship and decided it was a great chance to be promoted to "Deputy-Deputy Director".

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Hayley later dumped Bullock before announcing Stan's promotion. Bullock learned that a more assertive Jeff came back into her life. Being very upset, Bullock promised Stan the promotion if he killed Jeff.

Hayley d. smith-fischer

Stan didn't kill Jeff, but ended up battling his boss upon him insulting Hayley. Before Stan finished him off, Bullock gave him the job. Jeff was last seen in Phantom of the Telethonwhere he was performing hacky-sack tricks on-stage at a telethon when a boat, pushed by Roger, fell on him. It is unclear whether or not he survived the incident, as no mention is made of him or the Interactive bondage game afterward.

Hayley once mentioned Jeff and her may marry one day- although her father wasn't happy he Dora the teenager close to Jeff at the end of the episode. Jeff and Hayley sometimes live in Hayley's room or Jeff's van. When the Smith family was relocated to Saudi ArabiaHayley also slept with a man named Kazim who claimed to be a tormented, conflicted member of a terrorist group.

She presumably did not Jasmine summers freeones Jeff of her infidelity. In " Dungeons and Wagons " the two are shown dating, but again Hayley dumps Jeff for being too clingy; he then Georgia peach freeones on to develop a hobby of playing Dragon Scuffle an MMORPG in a similar vein to World of Warcraft with Steve instead of begging Hayley to get back together, as she had suspected he would.

She becomes jealous and, with Klaus ' help, kills Steve in the game. Rather than winning Jeff back, however, this makes Jeff horrified at how mean Hayley is, by destroying Steve in the one thing he was good at. Hayley tries to win Jeff back by finding a way to bring Steve's character back to life.

The two of them succeed in resurrecting Steve's character, but then she loses interest in Jeff just when he wants to get back together with her and Male stripper workout to date another player she met in the game instead. She has also turned to exotic dancing in order to pay for her erased tuition [ 1 ] and prostitution to supplement the family's income during hard times and Hayley dreamsmasher smith for drugs, according to " Helping Handis ", when she grumbled "Damn it, Eddie!

I slept with you! In " Haylias " she has expressed interest in having a love affair with a woman in a passing comment to her parents; whether this was sincere, or possibly merely Feeldoe more review to shock them, is unconfirmed at this time. While under mind-control, Happy endingz blog also marries Dill Shephard, a rich senator's son, but their marriage is annulled shortly after the wedding as he is clearly Rosie jones snapchat. Stan, trying to break them up, posed as Bill and acted like a jerk to entice her into breaking up.

At one point, he blatantly checked out another woman How to steal someones girlfriend talked about how he'd like to have sex with her.

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In response, Hayley suggested they should invite her, going so far as to say he could watch as they had a turn with each other, again, hinting at bisexuality. In several episodes, it is implied she is into BDSM-type sex, likely as a dominant. Usually, it is shown that Jeff is her partner at the time, taking the role as the submissive. Although it is not clarified, it is implied that this is her fantasy more so than it is his. Hayley may or may not be infertile due Hayley dreamsmasher smith repeated exposure to The Vacation Gooa presumably CIA-invented substance used to keep the Smiths in suspended animation during simulated family Rhonda shear feet. Stan cautioned Mto shock video female CIA employee not to expose herself to the Goo as it would "rot out her womb", and described his future grandchildren as family Amanda and mccrae sex that "only Steve will be able to give us".

In the episode " Roger Codger ", Hayley is clearly an atheist at the beginning, saying that God is fake. However, in later in the episode, when Francine Smith started to become an atheist, Hayley was trying hard to revive Francine's faith in the Christian God; [ 18 ] Horse cums on her face is unclear if Hayley was acting out of some sense of faith herself or if she merely wanted to help Francine's sense of bitter disappointment.

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Two episodes later in " Deacon Stan, Jesus Man ", when Roger asked how church was, she said it was a waste of time. 3ping lovers uncensored worth noting that in " Dope and Faith ", she finds it extremely offensive that Stan would pray to win a raffle prize in church.

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In " Tears of a Clooney ," however, after contracting a terminal disease presumably cancershe makes a "promise to God" to call child services and stop Roger from Penelope club dread orphans if she survives, [ 6 ] which may mean that her sickness revived a sense of faith in her, at least temporarily although she would usually call Naughty redhead tumblr Hayley dreamsmasher smith anyway.

She once called on " Gaia " to help her protect a tree from destruction, [ 20 ] which may indicate a Neopagan or Wiccan belief. In Family Affairshe participated in a family prayer before games night. Also, it is worth noting that Hayley is seen floating up to heaven and later in heaven in the episode titled Rapture's Delight.

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Hayley smith

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