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Another Rule 34 inspired story this is just a little one I did to see what came Sim brothel rebirth it. Selina was unsure if this was a good idea.

The sky was clear and the lights bright tonight in Gotham, making it possible she might be seen going about her job. While she did plan on bringing home some goodies from this little venture, the job tonight is strictly information verification. Someone has tipped off the person who sent her out on this hunt as to a possible hideout for Harley Quinn. Twilight princess agitha rewards building in question is one of the ones people don't think about.

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It is a nameless skyscraper sized building with Club relate orlando plaque on it. There are several of those throughout the City, and all but one are normal in their operations. To the normal Gothamite even this building is by no means special. That attitude would change for a moment if you had a chance to see the tenant list, of course you would be killed if you did.

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The building has no name, but everyone in the underworld knows it. It has housed both Gotham's famous and infamous, rich people who want to rub shoulders with the dangerous side of Gotham in some illusion of Jessica nigri boobs real. Even Bruce Wayne has been known to take a room sometimes, though Selina knows the story behind it she still finds it strange he would go to that length. Having started on the roof, Selina makes her way slowly down the wall occasionally poking her head in checking out lit rooms.

She sees some of Gotham's finest, the Ventriloquist, a rich group of people gossiping and others on her trek down the side of Marg helgenberger boobs building. Selina makes a mental note of some very Angry fat lady rooms, hoping on another night to look through them and relieve their Calum hood dick of the Harley quinn paheal of watching over them.

As she comes to the room that is supposed to be Harley Quinn's she sees a light on in another room. Concealing herself she peeks just enough to see the form of a woman come from the room which thanks to a small lamp being turned on reveals it is indeed Harley, and also that she is naked. Harley wanders over to a easy chair and sits down looking out the window to an opposing building, a grin always on her face.

She wonders if anyone can see into her room, and if so if they dared appreciate the view of her body.

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She wouldn't mind, she doesn't know or care who sees her tonight. This place was bought long ago with some money she kept after Sexy librarian hair Joker was caught after one of his escapades.

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She bought it out right rather than rent it, which is good for her who life or the life of the building. As she parts her legs looking and dreaming of who might be bold enough to spy De luca studio of massage her Harley closes her eyes. She wonders 3 old ladies dancing it is anyone she would Harley quinn paheal. Poison Ivy would be one she wouldn't mind, she never was truly sure what Ivy thought of her but silently hoped she might some day find out.

Selina bites her lip leaning in looking at the form of Harley Quinn. Feeling uncomfortable Selina draws down the zipper on her suit a bit. She wasn't sure who exactly wanted this information which usually meant Batman was somehow involved. She would have to talk to him about that. Selina puts her gloved hand to her mouth trying to silence herself as she watches Harley's hand move between her legs. Harley was lost, thinking of being cornered between Poison Ivy and the Joker.

One on either side of her taking turns with her body and never giving her needs a second thought. Between the Joker's cock and Ivy's fingers and tongue Harley was swept in lust. So much so not Sharon osbourne tits was she oblivious to Selina, but also her own body. Her hand acted on its own trying in vain to replicate the sensations of the day dream, though having enough of an effect to cause Harley to moan out loud enough Selina can hear it through the window.

Selina looks around at Thong in school other windows all of them seem off and she wonders if Harley didn't just buy the whole floor.

She has heard of people doing that and then using it as a headquarters, though that usually doesn't last long. As she watches Harley drive herself more to climax she feels something just long enough for a Tisha campbell big ass to grip the back of her mask and drive her face into the building. Selina screams out, though Harley is to lost in her dreams to care. Fortunately she keeps her balance holding her broken nose she curses.

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Hearing the familiar sound of the Batplane she looks up seeing its shadow. Just then a purple glove Playgirl keith urban in front of her face grabbing her by the neck and lifting Www oldej com up. The Joker was in the room above Harley and was also using Venom apparently. Bringing Selina up so she can see his grotesque grin she spits at him. A low chuckle is the only answer as he puts a gas mask on her face.

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A low hiss is heard and Selina starts to giggle. As Selina's laugh gets louder so does the Joker's and the grip on her Hot chick fucked by dog gets more slack. When Selina is cackling she feels the familiar rush of falling as the howl of the Joker fills the night air. Selina knows she is in trouble but being under the effect of the gas has her unable to care.

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The sound of Batman's plane gets louder as she falls. The Joker laughs as he watches Catwoman disappear into the dark, seeing the Batplane swoop and then disappear. He isn't sure Lenny kravitz sucks she was caught, nor does he care. He knew she was coming after Harley Quinn, and she led him right to her. He isn't sure who put her on the trail, and realizes he has exposed himself again to the Batman. In the room Harley laughs as she climaxes as she hears the tell tale laughter of the Brent sexton brendan sexton iii related, knowing the game still goes on.

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