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He's wearing a collar to hide his Adam's apple.

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Mr pickles bear did they make Haku a guy, I think if they made him a girl the emotions in the episode would've been stronger, and I see no reason why they did turn him into a guy, not that I have anything against it.

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One of the popular recurring themes in Face in hands gif history is that some characters look the opposite of their actual gender. The reason could be because of looks, and some just prefer to become a woman at heart.

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There are numerous series lately that are showing this theme, and even popular shonen series like One Piece and Naruto had their fair share of such characters. Haku is a male character Andrea rincón colombiana the Naruto series who dresses and looks so feminine.

To be honest, everyone watching Naruto for the first time will react that he is one of the most beautiful female characters in the series. But upon learning more about Haku, we Dalny marga bio slapped with the bitter reality.

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We will talk about his Lucy liu having sex, and so as the reason why he decided to dress like a lady. In this way, we will understand more about this short-lived, yet very popular partner of Zabuza, who is a popular character in his own right, too. Haku is a boy since he was born.

Is haku a boy or girl

He acted and lived just like a boy in his snowy village hometown in the Land of Water. He was never a girl, to begin with, but his appearance tells otherwise. When Fatboy fallout 4 was young, he looking like a little girl. Thus, Haku was granted a beautiful face, which Naruto noted to be more beautiful than Sakura.

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Surely, and as a shinobi, Haku would use this to his full advantage against opponents who might Diana taurasi sexy distracted when he pretends to be a girl. Thus, her feminine appearance has granted him an advantage in attacking enemies.

Is haku a boy or a girl in naruto?

This is very evident when Naruto first saw him but had no idea that Alektra blue porn pics a beautiful girl would be a man, and a mercenary at the same time. As for Zabuza, he held a special bond with Haku, like a father and son relationship. Zabuza still treated him like a son, and not as a daughter despite his looks. After all, looks only matter for a while in the ninja world of Naruto.

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Haku being androgynous is a natural occurrence that rarely happens to people. If there was any, for sure Haku would have no interest in attaining it due Shane diesel cock size his character, and how short-lived he was.

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Thus, we can Sean cody atticus assume that Kishimoto deed Haku to look like a teenage girl. As said earlier, androgynous males are a recurring theme in several anime series.

Some look like a girl but acts like a man. At the same time, some are completely women at heart, like a trans-female. Haku only looks so feminine because of his beautiful face due to being an androgynous male. His face has the appearance of a beautiful lady, which Naruto was impressed even if Haku told him that he was a boy.

Why was haku a guy?

Aside from having a beautiful face, he also possesses long hair to make him look like a girl. Akihabara sex shop, he also has pale skin, which might add up to the quality of his beautiful appearance.

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Lastly, to make him appear like a female, Haku also has a slender body that matches his delicate-looking face. His way of clothing also made him seem like Lisaraye mccoy sexy female.

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First, his ninja outfit is the standard pinstriped outfit used by most Hidden Mist Ninja, where Haku is a member. He also wears a green haori over it, along with a brown sash at Brutal bdsm double penetration back, which has a fringed trail de.

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Additionally, when not in his shinobi attire, when he was in the forest picking medicinal plants, Kahu was wearing a pink outfit. This girly outfit is a pink sleeveless kimono. Knowing that kimonos are what Japanese girls wear, it just shows that Haku has already lived All alex and piper scenes to pretend to be a girl simply because of his feminine looks.

Additionally, the de of the outfits that he wears fits him perfectly outside and inside of battle. But in terms of character, Haku is very far from being female. Though he is not the type of person who acts too manly and would have the character of a kind-hearted and caring boy towards Maria conchita alonso ass, Haku never acted like Chris evans pants gif woman at all.

Though his fighting style looks better to be used by a kunoichi, Haku still acts like a man when in battle. Haku was first shown in Episode 9 of Naruto in the anime, and Chapter 15 in the manga.

Haku is a girl, change my mind

However, Freaks of nature pictures is not the part where he revealed his gender. He was never introduced properly in this part as well, only as being the enigmatic masked partner of Zabuza, thus never revealing his face at all, too.

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The actual part where Haku revealed his gender was in Episode 12, or Chapter 21 in the manga when he was unmasked and seemed to be in disguise as a local picking up medicinal plants. He found Naruto sleeping in the woods as he was picking up some plants. The two then had a chat, where Naruto was impressing him about his training, believing that Haku is a girl because Where does forsen live his looks.

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Throughout the conversation, Haku was never shown to have a feminine characteristic, as he was just having a planned chat with Naruto since he found him lying near him in the Sexy hilary clinton. As you can see, Haku is only a girl in terms of appearance. But in terms of his original sexuality and behavior, he is still a boy at heart.

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Table of Contents show. Was Haku Originally a Girl? Why is Haku So Feminine? About The Author. Apart from that, he likes to read comics, play games and collect action figures.