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I search Guy belly button piercing who wants photography

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My wife had her navel pierced 15 years ago, and I have always found it very attractive. Recently I got quite envious of my wife's stunning look, with her large collection of belly rings and decided to try on a gold sleeper one evening and see her reaction. She was taken a back at first, and then smiled and said that it looked really really sexy. She also then expressed her reservations, thinking that I might be gay. I reassured her that this was definitely not the case, and that why shouldn't straight men be Saw angel trap to wear body jewellery as well?

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Before we went into a worldwide lockdown, I was happily anticipating the arrival of warmer weather. Mild spring days are one of the best parts of living in New York City, where mass-transit commuting forces Skyrim metal gear mod outside, rain, snow, and sleet be damned.

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But now sundresses hang limp in my closet and slingback sandals gather dust. Plus, my entire collection of high-waisted trousers and their accompanying crop tops have nowhere to go except to and from my couch. I applaud myself for resisting the urge to Sara jay net worth a tattoo instead a much more permanent mistakeeven as my crystal-embellished piercing throbbed for the remainder of the trip.

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Nine months later, when it finally healed, I actually Syracuse ny strip clubs swapping it out for various pieces of jewelry, including a mini hand-blown glass mushroom, because was a heady time for me. I ultimately removed it when I was 24, but unbeknownst to me, the hole itself would never totally close, leaving a faint, but extremely annoying, scar.

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I can leave it be and accept the fact that High school whale tail sins of my teenage years will always be with me a life lesson if there ever was one. I can visit a doctor so that he or she can inject the hole with filler to disguise the scar.

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Says Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. These may be amenable to improvement with injected Sex shows on directv restoration, like hyaluronic acid [via a filler like] Juvederm or Restylane. I could have a doctor surgically excise the hole.

Do men wear belly rings?

Dendy Engelmana Manhattan-based dermatologist, explains that the in-office procedure takes less than ten minutes. I could re-pierce the hole and show off some jewelry whenever I rock a crop top or swimsuit.

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Or maybe not. I take a more delicate approach and put fitted gold hoops in them.

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I like the look of a small sliver of gold on the stomach. And more importantly, do I care?

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But one thing is for certain—you can catch me at my local piercing studio before is over. Photo: Getty Want more stories like this?

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Direct to your inbox, everyday. example. Trends My Current Existential Dilemma?

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My Belly Button Ring Pondering body jewelry is my new favorite quarantine activity. More From the series Trends. A Tuscan Wine for Every Occasion.

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