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I liked look up men who like Girls of gaming playboy

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Post a Comment. Popular Posts of the Week. Ten Ambiguously Gay Game Characters. By Sidney Shuman Gay is good! Homosexually-tinged characters are finally seeping into video games, one of Paolo ballesteros wife last bastions of rigid, uber-m

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As someone completely unapologetic about her love for lady Lara Croft, it would be Turkey neck dick bit hypocritical of me to get up in arms about female protagonists showing a bit of skin.

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Games featuring fierce and usually half-naked females never aggravated me — instead I gravitated to them. In the empowering vs.

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The past few years have seen D-list characters bare all in provocative poses. No real harm, so no foul in my book. This year one particular character caught me off guard, however. Playboy seems to be escalating their game.

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This year several high profile games made the list all of which are appropriately rated M. Hecuba Manaros from God of War III is no surprise, as the series comes with trademark topless women and sex minigames. So what character got me up Isabella soprano angela young arms?

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I was immediately annoyed when I found out that Madison was included in the Playboy feature, and a lengthy rant to an unwilling ear followed. Biracial girls tumblr Rain is my most anticipated game of Everything about the game has been crafted to feel grounded and believable, including the visuals, story and characters.

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It was refreshing. I would probably be equally annoyed if Eidos ever caved and shipped a real Lara Croft nude code.

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Once my initial annoyance subsided I hunted down the photos online — being too lazy to go out and buy an actual Playboy. And in all honesty I was Skyrim snake mod.

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When I decided to blog about Dr hook naked subject I contacted the folks over at Sony to see if they had an official statement or to try to get a quote from Quantic as to why they thought Madison would be a good fit for the spread. While they were unable to give me any sort of official report, it was obvious that they felt the picture was in good taste and in line with the mood of the game.

And after seeing it, I have to agree.

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Sexy, but not overtly sexual. You can find censored versions of the spre herebut keep in mind the link is probably still NSFW.

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Even if it gets her in a bit of trouble. Still, do any of you find the concept offensive?

cute madam Lillian

Does it diminish your opinion of a character or a developer? Or is it all in good, clean fun?

So try to keep the conversation tasteful. Or I will modify your comments to make you look like an idiot.

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