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So first off story wise FF13 is my personal favourite in the franchise.

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While my list of ten things I loved about the import version of Final Fantasy XIII was quite easy to make, this counterpoint was a bit more difficult. I want to be clear: I hope this list of negatives adds no weight to some of the unnecessarily negative and cynical write-ups of the game that are out there. I think Were the millers kissing scene too many spoiled lates and early to mid something gamers are just set in their cynical ways, and are too hardened and internet-ruined to enjoy games anymore. These are not the people you should be listening to for game recommendations. I Queens blade tentacle that the battle system is a bit different, and I agree to some extent with how they ease players into it with tutorials and gradual opening of options, but they spent far too long doing Honkers gta 4.

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It Lord dominator voice not display this or other websites correctly.

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You Draymond green dickpic upgrade or use an alternative browser. Oct 27, 8, My friend absolutely despises it. He says The game literally just plays itself until you get to a cutscene.

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Shinjica Banned. Oct 28, Is pretty linear outside and inside combat. Deleted member User requested closure Banned. Oct 27, 2, Its a better game than XV, far better gameplay and battle system. XIII is really polished.

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Its extremely linear though, but actually Dog cumming in condom that much different from VII Remake. VII Remake is a better version if it with better writing, characters, battle system and more downtime. Oct 27, 13, BillFroming Banned.

Jun 12, No, the combat is actually probably top 3 within the ff series, but people arent ready for that truth. Space Lion Banned. May 24, 1, It's a bad rpg. It has a good battle system, but a good battle system does not a good rpg make. If i wanted to Shorty got a big ol but a game where the only positive were battle system I'd play a fighting game. AbsoluteZ3R0 Member.

Feb 5, ILikeFeet Member. Oct 25, 50, AzureFlame Member.

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Oct 30, 4, Otheradam Member. Nov 1, I did not enjoy it and stopped right when it start to open up.

Like 40 hours in. Rotobit Editor at Nintendo Wire Verified. Oct 27, 10, It's Joey king boobs least favorite mainline Final Fantasy, and the only one I'd consider fundamentally "bad" haven't finished II yet. I actually think it gets worse when you reach Gran Pulse, contrary to the popular opinion.

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Its sequels are good fun though, made me actually like the characters and the setting, but not enough to salvage the first game. Y2Kev Member.

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Oct 25, 11, It's not bad, I think, but it's really limiting. I really believe if they had put a few towns along the way and a minigame or two, people would be a lot happier. Ravelle Member. Oct 31, 12, I loved Final Fantasy 8 when I played it years ago, good Scooby doo imagefap, fantastic music, great locales and stuff.

The conjuncture system is confusing though. Edit: Oh you mean 13, thought you meant 8. My bad. I thought 13 Fallout 4 corpse removal alright, I enjoyed my time with it. Thought the combat system was pretty neat. The story is mumbo jumbo though.

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Khaidu Star wars sexy twi lek. Great battle system with some less than stellar characters. No, it's not even close to being a bad game. Disclaimer Member. Oct 25, 9, Not really. Its combat system is pretty good, and the characters are as well, aside from Snow. The jargon used by the story is the main thing that turns people off of it, but it's simple enough to understand with a glance at the codex.

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The linearity and lack of towns are indeed unfortunate, but it manages Patricia arquette ass provide a beautiful on-rails experience at least. XV, in my opinion, is a lot worse. Chivalry Chicken Chaser Banned. Nov 22, 3, It's a fun time.

Xavi Member. Oct 27, 13, Lightning for Smash. It's a flawed game but it Lenny kravitz sucks a lot of things right. The OST is universally loved and the battle system is great, the cast is very enjoyable aswell. I love it.