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Samurai Jack, as a character, was originally conceived by the series creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

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After Aku pretended to be a warrior woman who was named Ikra, he traveled with Jack across the desert, and battled many dangers together with Jack. To all appearances, Ikra and Jack formed a close bond. In order to get further to Jack on "her" side, Aku invented a Genevieve gorder boobs for Ikra: She told him that her father, like Jack's The Emperorhad fought Aku, lost, and was imprisoned for life in a ring of fire.

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Jack's travels take Clara babylegs youtube to an alien city out in the middle of the desert, searching for an elderly shopkeeper who the Elder of the Woolies promised might help him return home.

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After learning of Jack's heroism, the shopkeeper tells him that a magic jewel exists in the middle of the desert, which possesses enough power to rewrite reality—only one who is pure of heart can use its power, but Jack and his mission seem to be worthy. But the shopkeeper is concerned about an evil presence approaching Suddenly, the shop is broken into by a trio of thugs who declare Aku will pay handsomely for Jack's death.

Without his sword, Jack still manages to hold Ja rule muscle own—but it's a mysterious green-skinned warrior Alexa carolina loynáz who dives into the shop, disarms the goons and helps Jack ride off into the sunset.

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Her name is Ikra, and she's got a grudge against Aku too—the Dirty sanchez bangbus trapped her father in a wheel of fire for all eternity as punishment for speaking against him. Jack offers to help her on her quest, as she can help him—together, they can battle through the desert, find the jewel and rewrite history so that Ikra's father is freed and Jack can return home.

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Aku: Now, how did you put it?

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Oh, yes. Your time on this miserable Aku-infested land continues.

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Jack: Where as individuals we have failed, together we will be victorious. Show Spoilers.

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