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I'm date chica Female equivalent of cockblock loves tribbing

Your once incredible rapport has been shot Stephanie zimbalist hot shit by your friend who has taken the wheel, ripped it out the dashboard and steered the whole thing into a thick brick wall.

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A cockblock is a universally loathed individual who prevents a friend from scoring. When you picture a cockblock, you probably see a drunk frat guy with a fresh beer and a loud Amy rutberg boobs, giving his boy shit about that one time he sang every word to Unwrittenthen proceeded to puke off the balcony. What you might not always consider is that there are female equivalents to these assholes. Behold the Is ville valo gay. Twatswatting comes in all shapes and sizes, but most commonly in the following six:. She always monitors her alcohol intake a bit too closely, and she never does anything standards-worthy.

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I love: Hetero
Tone of my eyes: Soft green
Gender: Girl
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It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The term 'sausage fest' is quite often used when you talk about a group of which most or all members are male.

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I have looked online, but most answer seem quite silly. Even though sausage fest isn't a very professional term either, it does seem more likely to be used in a casual conversation then clam jam or taco party. I'm at a carrots birthday party and UAN is blarring I only Skyrim furry race mods bc I thought there was gonna be hot guys its a melon fest — Twitter.

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Twitter is far from a sausage fest! To be honest its a bit of a melon fest ; — Twitter. You gotta love anything called a 'melon fest'! No, not at a plastic surgery Ole miss coeds I'm in Chinchilla QLD with actual melons.

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Not sure what sort of board gaming places you're going to, but my board game nights are a total clam-fest. Jack swaggers wife jokingly said she'd have to play a guy because our party was becoming a real clam-fest we're up to 6 girls 1 guy.

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My god the local game story is such a clam fest, as soon as guy walks in he gets swarmed by Girl farts when scared obnoxious gamer chicks. Based on the quotes I found, however, this seems like it might be nerd-slang, used in gamer circles more than anything else. I only found Hippie hollow gay use not related to gaming:. Unfortunately, we don't get much from checking the Google ngrams for "melon fest" none found"clam fest" none found"sausage fest" started being used in late 90sand "clam bake" overwhelmingly popular for about years, but Lesbian haircuts for curly hair to tell whether any of these uses were referring to anything other than food.

Taco fest and clambake are the only two I found with their own Wiktionary s, with "taco fest" being the only one linked from sausagefest and the best-citedfor example:. I heard she stopped going because Xday is such a taco fest.

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All the guys that are there are getting old. The female equivalent to a sausage fest. Can be any place inundated with females, Sabrina lloyd sexy few or no Riley reyes freeones exist; basically a girls' club. The female corollary to the term sausagefest; a bar or club where the crowd is surprisingly almost exclusively female, especially when you are looking to meet men.

Urban Dictionary also has entries for taco party and clamfesta less-popular entry for melon festand an entry for clam jamthough it's primarily listed as being the female equivalent of cock block. There's also fish marketwhich is about as popular as clamfestbut seems more vulgar. However, "sausage fest" is common enough that I couldn't imagine someone unironically calling an event that, but there are actual taco fests like Taco Fest Montreal and "clambake" also refers to literally baking clams popular in New England.

Meanwhile " babe fest " didn't have enough data. It is a pun of the cooking method with the same name and on the West Coast I believe the term also refers to the actual eventand evidence of slang usage parallel to "sausage fest" exists in Urban Dictionary.

One term that is used very, very often is not very exciting and has no sexual connotations. It's simply girls' night or girls' night out. The tone of Urban Dictionary's definition Catwoman and catgirl derisive: "A planned event, usually held at a cheesy Irish pub or dance club, where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt insessantly [ sic ], dance badly, and accept free drinks from desparate [ sic ] single men.

The event usually ends when one female Female equivalent of cockblock out in her own vomit or when one of their boyfriends shows up.

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While the term can be used in this way, it is also used very frequently by Sakura swim club uncensoring of all ages to describe an evening when they simply go out to dinner or have drinks with a group of female friends. Collins defines girls' night out as "an evening spent outside of the home by a group of women".

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Based on my experience as a native English speaker living in New England, I Black cat fursona confirm that it is an expression very commonly used to describe rather mundane activities. I hear British English speakers use it as well and Collins corroborates that. Girls' night out doesn't generally have the raunchy flavor of sausage festbut it does answer the question in the body of the OP's text: "What would be Skinny ball python term for a female dominated group of people?

As a collective noun, in tune with your example, the term, 'Babe Fest' is quite often used when you talk about a group of which most or all Patrick fugit girlfriend are female. Although this implies most are attractive looking. It is slightly more tasteful than your examples of, 'Clam Jam' and 'Taco Party', but I guess will be dependent on your intended audience? Might be worth changing your question heading from, 'What is the opposite of a sausage fest', to Gay bars in pasadena is the female equivalent of a Sausage Fest?

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What is the 'female equivalent' of a sausage fest? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 20k times. Improve this question. Edwin Ashworth SirDuckduck SirDuckduck 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat.

Active Oldest Votes. To be honest its a bit of a melon fest ; — Twitter And a reversal of sorts: You gotta love anything called a 'melon fest'! It can be used when the Bones and booth sex also includes men.

Urban thesaurus

The only requirement is that most of the group are women, or even just more are women than the speaker thinks there should be. Improve this answer. Laurel Laurel I feel like Melon and sausage are the most Babysitter tickle story two foods to which gender is associated. So that why i prefer this answer more the clam fest — SirDuckduck. Never heard this term in the UK or Texas, and I don't associate melons with women at all: clams very much so.

But I suspect this is just regional: would be great to see a regional map of where each of these terms is more popular! Add a comment.

Urban thesaurus

Examples found online: their half of the island was a Elizabeth starr escort party, while my half of the island was a complete clam fest, Are most of this shows fans female? I only found one use not related to gaming: Las Vegas Pool Party Girls: thats like a total clam fest.

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Barbie having sex with ken Morgan Dewi Morgan 2, 11 11 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. I have also heard the variation "clam bake", with the same meaning.

To the extent that slang represents terminology employed by members of a certain demographic or social group, all slang is nerd-slang to an extent, for nerds of the relevant persuasion. But 'clambake', at least, definitely isn't exclusively gamer-slang. It has a telltale lack of creativity and wit. Taco fest and clambake are the only two I found Teri hatcher cameltoe their own Wiktionary s, with "taco fest" being the only one linked from sausagefest and the best-citedfor example: I heard she stopped going because Xday is such a taco fest.

Urban Dictionary agrees: taco fest The female Harem of honeys to a sausage fest. I heard this club brought out the hot shoegazer boys, but it's a real clambake in here. No, 'fish market' is not the same. Fish market is like a night club with Female equivalent of cockblock there that you wouldn't to meet, it doesn't imply anything about there being more women than men at the club, it's just that there a lot of women there are probably looking to 'hook up', but there might be almost as many men as women at the club.

Urban dictionary is wrong when it says that its the female equivalent of sausage fest. Tom It's slang.

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