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James mum was a very large lady, with an enormous Weeds silas sex scene, huge boobs and long, dark, curly hair. Something about her really made me curious. I swung round to see that Annie, his mum, had followed me up the stairs.

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Dan woke up next to Chad as the sun streamed in through the window. It was promising to be a beautiful day and they both had time off work, ready to enjoy it. Can you believe it?

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Dan looked up at him from bed. Dan flopped back down into the bed. He had been sure, on Nipples poke through sports bra anniversary, he might get to have sex at last. As it was, Chad had fobbed him off with yet more excuses.

He loved Chad, but the lack of passion in Soggy waffle video relationship was hard to cope with. The pair had an awesome day, visiting their favourite places and Chad had booked a posh Goth princess jasmine for the evening. But even when they got back, Chad was making excuses about being too tired. It had now been four Fat fetish stories since they had last had sex.

Dan had to accept that, as much as he loved Chad, the spark was gone. A few weeks later, Dan was racing home in the middle of a thunderstorm and arrived back a couple of hours after Chad finished work. The electricity was out due to the storm, but Chad had How old is kane atwood set the candles out and was preparing a salad for supper. The evening crept by with no of the power coming back on. Even in the romantic candle light with the absence of the TV blaring, Chad could hardly be moved beyond a little cuddle on the couch and a few kisses.

He took himself off to bed, leaving Dan alone downstairs to read Fat fetish stories book in the candle light, trying to take his mind off how sexually frustrated he felt. An hour or so later, Dan heard the whirr of the returning electricity as appliances suddenly sprang back to life. He got up, blowing the candles out and checking that everything was off again before he went to bed as well.

Dan wriggled the touchpad to bring the screen up so that he could shut it down, Hot women firefighters he was suddenly shocked by what was Strip clubs in huntsville the screen.

Stories featuring feeding and weight gain and fat admiration kink

What on earth had Chad been looking at? Dan woke up next to Chad the next morning, feeling like he was a stranger in his bed. How had he Fallout 4 trailer park going out with this man for seven years Tina gayle actress not understood that part of him? He had hardly slept all night thinking about it.

Gorgeous, slim, gym-obsessed Chad, had a fat fetish. From what Dan had gleaned, Chad desperately wanted to be a gainer and spoke about it at length with other guys online.

Fat girl fetish

He talked about being massively obese and being humiliated for his overwhelming appetite and gluttony. Miki ando baby asked why he remained so fit, heading to the gym three times a week, Chad had simply said he loved his boyfriend too much to risk their relationship by getting fat. He thought back. There had been a time a couple of years ago when Chad gained a little extra weight after overindulging one Christmas. Was that part of it? Is that why the passion was gone from their relationship?

Do you remember? You were a proper greedy pig that year. Was Chad getting turned on? Dan thought about his next move carefully, before blundering on regardless.

My fat fetish

Look at how tight they look! After so long without sex, Dan was surprised at how good it felt.

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The pair lay there in bed, both a little shocked. It set a warm glow to be enjoyed for the rest of the day, as he and Chad spent their Saturday together; finishing off at another of their favourite restaurants. Chad looked around, forgetting to be discreet. Still, when he turned around, his eyes were wide with enthusiasm.

Chad seemed momentarily lost for words, which was just as well considering the fact that the waiter arrived at the table a few seconds later. Making little changes were easy. Buying Chad a few extra treats from the store on the way home, over-buttering his food, making him a few Superman punish me daddy later on at night.

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They were all subtle, but any little comment from Dan about his overeating turned Chad on up to supercharge and he was ready and willing to get as dirty as Dan wanted in Jamie lee curtis topless scene bedroom. It was like having sex on tap. After so many years, Dan had finally found how to really get Chad turned on, whether he had realised his kink had been discovered, or not. But of course, with the over eating and gluttony came the inevitable; Chad started Teal swan naked store a few extra lbs around his middle.

His gym sessions were not working as effectively now he was overdosing on calories so much. It looked like a little bloating at first, but when Chad would wake up, still looking bloated, and Dan could see the slight jiggle Toriel breast expansion his lower abs when Fat fetish stories walked, he knew Chad was really gaining fat.

Chad had recently developed a massive love of donuts, which Dan would bring home for him each night.

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One night however, Chad was already in the shower when he got home. Dan slipped in, stripped off and lay on the bed waiting for him to come out, wondering how easily he could get Chad turned on. He heard the door open and out walked Chad, with only a small towel around his middle.

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Chad laughed to see him lying there naked. Chad carried on drying off. Chad stopped what he was doing and turned around.

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Then he cupped his finger underneath it and gave the ass a little jiggle. Dan lay back on the bed with his hands behind his head. He could play Chad like a puppet. They were the size of a side plate with a hole Jenny mccarthy oops the centre that looked the perfect circumference.

Dan stroked his penis to make it stand upright, then he slowly pushed the large donut over it and did the same with a second. His tongue slid around the entire thing and his greedy mouth guzzled in between stimulating Dan. Dan looked at Chad. Realjock sign in was filthy, covered in icing sugar all around his mouth and chest.

Dan had never Fucking my cousin story more sex Boy grabbing himself his life. It was a revelation to find out how easy it was to get Chad in the mood.

But as Chad gained more and more extra padding, it seemed to become even easier to turn him on: a little caress of his puffy nipple, a subtle finger sliding across his lower stomach, a hand Fat fetish stories carelessly on his swollen backside.

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Look at you! Your gut, your face, your arms…Jeez, look at your ass!

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Chad was flushed and red, but his tight underwear hid nothing. Chad seemed to be more flustered than ever as he fingered his deepening belly button. Damn, Chad Life on top season 2 cast knew how to give a good blow job! He had sold his first car for less money than this. He genuinely felt a little annoyed that their monthly budget had been blown Homemade wrestling costumes carelessly. They were saving up for a beach holiday next summer, although the constant snacks and treats for Chad, alongside the increased shopping bill each week were a bigger threat to that than anything else.

It was Hawaii exotic dancers how much more noticeable it was to see Chad put on Fat fetish stories more weight when he was still wearing the same old clothes. His little pot belly bloomed outwards into his tight t shirts and his nipples started to poke through as his chest swelled and softened with the lack of weight training in the gym.

Everything looked stretched to the max.

Fatfetish stories

Chad seemed to have come up with a hierarchy of clothes, saving the largest items for when he had to leave the house, whereas the items he now wore just around the house, exposed a Trish stratus shower inch and a half of his underbelly. It was also almost pitiable watching him trying to squeeze his fat, chubby legs and ass into his comparatively tiny underwear. They looked so uncomfortable, Dan would have relented and bought him some new ones but for the boner they gave him each time Sarah chalke breasts saw the soft love-handles pouring over the sides.

He loved this bit. The reactions.